Painting Projects for Outdoors

I finished the bird hangings and hung them back outside. Hopefully the paint will last for a long time.

This is a gnome house that had a bright red roof and faded fast within the year. So I am into aqua, maybe because I love the water so much, and I painted the door and flowers. I’ll go over the roof a couple of more times.

But you know when you paint, you find more and more and more stuff. Some things I like just as they are, but I have a fairy tree door that has lost all its color and a fairy that only had her flowers painted, so my granddaughter and I are going to paint those. I hope it’s not a disaster. lol She’s only 6 so we’ll see. Of course the 2 year old will want to paint too. I have his rock to paint, already added a first layer of paint, but we have to do it AFTER nap time.

I have two crabby kids who didn’t get enough sleep the last 2 nights because of fireworks’ parties. Too much fighting this morning and tears from older sister. So nap time is soon. Just feeding them and they’re watching a program and happy–for the second. 🙂

Have a wondrous day!!!


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