Laysan Albatross?

Took the photo of him at the zoo in Hawaii. He’s not banded so he could have just been visiting.

Have both kids today. The pool is so hot that it feels almost like a sauna at the neighborhood pool. With 112 heat index every day and no rain or anything else to cool it off, it’s no wonder.

We saw a $2 movie and then we went to the pool, did schoolwork before that.

So today, no errand running. We’re going to the pool first thing for a couple of hours, lunch, and then a nap. We’ll probably get our school work done before that, and take a walk before the day heats up too horribly much. The average morning at oh-dark thirty is 80 degrees.

They have a painted rock snake thing this summer, so the kids are all painting rocks, maybe adults, and put them in the line at the neighborhood center. My granddaughter already put hers in the line and straightened everybody’s rocks out because people were just putting them everywhere–not in a straight line. lol We have my grandson’s done and he will put his there today.

Okay, I’m off to get some things done before the kids land in on me. My granddaughter will be going to 1st grade in 3 weeks. Once she’s back at school, I’ll get more of my writing done. Right now, it’s slow to no going except on weekends.

Have fun today in some small way, or great way!


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