Fairy and Her Feathered Friends

So yesterday, none of my granddaughter’s girlfriends showed up at the pool and she was tired before even an hour was up. She got out twice to curl up on a chair in the shade. We might only go for an hour with her toddler brother this morning. Now that he’s actually swimming more, not just clinging to me in the pool, he’s wearing out sooner. Whoever heard of a toddler saying he wants to go home and take a nap, right? lol But he does. After we get home, change out of wet suits, we have lunch, and he’s happily off to his nap!

We’ve been pulling out all the metal decorations stored in the garage, one sunflower for fall, and I think we have a pumpkin, snowmen and a Santa that are losing all their paint. So we are in the process of bringing one out at a time and painting them and that’s a fun project for my granddaughter and me. I have a rolling wooden cart outside that I want to spray paint with high gloss after I clean it, and a couple of rusty ornate wrought iron plant holders also, so we’re getting a lot of painting projects done for outdoor stuff this summer.

The Farmers Almanac says we’re going to have a stormier and unseasonably colder winter than normal, which is bad for us because the last time that happened, we lost a lot of plants that normally just don’t take frigid weather well, and not only that, our electric system can’t handle it either. So we’ll see if they’re right or not. Right now we just have a heat index of 111 every day and no end in sight. No rain either.

Okay, off before both kids land in on me. Have a great day!!!


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