Alpha Wolf Watching Over the Pack

This is Aidan at the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota. He was the alpha at the time I visited. Regal, beautiful wolf.

Mated for Christmas has been decided on by readers for the title for Slade’s story. He’s the Arctic wolf pilot who flies visitors into the Boundary Canoe Waters. And Sheri is the Arctic wolf who ended up with the white wolf pack also. Still doing edits on it and then will proof it and send it in.

Have little one only today and have to remember to pick up my granddaughter from school today. lol

It’s hot and muggy, what’s new. I was out trying to get rid of some vines that have taken over things in the back and worked late last night pulling out weeds to fill 2 40-lb bags. It was 105 heat index still, but it didn’t feel as bad without the sun beating on me and there was a hot, humid breeze that helped.

Off to do things with little one. Have a wonderful day!


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