The Magic of Fairies

Just when the winter blues are getting to you, or the summer heat is taking its toll, the flower fairies come to renew the flower gardens with their magic.
Large fairy from GT and T Designs.
Large flower background–Daily Texture.
Foreground flowers, butterflies, cat wings, sparkles from my stash.
MJ cat.
Louise Nash small fairy from 3D source. And toning, color changing, lights and highlights added and other textures added.

Some of my daylilies, that have been too hot to flower, have begun to flower! Despite the continuing hot, hot, hot humid days.

I didn’t get anything done on stories yesterday, but I did get to go with the kids and grandkids to see my granddaughter’s new teacher. I have lunch with my granddaughter once a week once that starts up, so I wanted to find out when it was and when they start. And I’ll be driving to pick her up until it cools down a bit so I can walk to get her.

One more day that I have her all day, and then tomorrow our new regimen begins. Which means I have to remember to go pick her up! When she’s in school, I can write when I don’t have her little brother, but then it means I might be in the middle of a scene, really into it and look at the time, horrors, got to run. lol

Have a great day!!! We’re going to do our last swim day and then we’re having our last ice cream treat.


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