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All is not right.

I have a gnat problem. I put down moth traps and that takes care of some of them. But my granddaughter and I spend a lot of time trying to kill the annoying pests. Haven’t figured out a way to eliminate them. They might be drain flies. I don’t have food sitting out, no fruit. It always is in the fridge.

The heat goes on. Maybe some rain next week, hopefully. It’s been like 7 weeks without any rain and all this heat. It’s supposed to be 104 today, and add 10 degrees for the humidity heat index. Awful.

My granddaughter starts school on Wednesday, so new routine. I still have the toddler on that day, so we’ll have to go pick her up from school. Can’t wait to see how she likes her new school year and teacher.

Okay, I’m off to get ready before the two of them land in on me.

Have a super non-steampunk day.


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2 thoughts on “In a Steampunk World

  1. I had the gnat problem earlier this year. Mine was caused by some rotten potatoes that I failed to discover until the little gnats were everywhere. I tried all the suggested you tube concoctions, vinegar, sugar, dish soap, etc. None of that worked for me, and if I remember, I finally had to use insect spray. It would be more difficult if you don’t know the cause. Hmmm

    • Yes! They become millions in no time at all. I poured some bleach and soap into the drain, and maybe that will kill off what’s down there. They’re so annoying.

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