Soooo Looking Forward to Cooler Weather

Created this with a ton of elements and textures. I want cooler weather.

Still working on the cover for Dreaming of the Highland Wolf. I think I’ve got it done now. I have tons of book covers I’ve purchased from artists over the years that I haven’t had time to use for stories, of course. But they never fit the story I’m writing. For this one, I had to have more of a modern Highland story couple wearing kilts, hers a mini-kilt–and I wanted to have an Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, and a wolf, essential to the story.

I’m still working on Bear of a Halloween. I added 3,000 words yesterday, yay!!

I keep meaning to get out and work on the weeds, but I was just trying to pick tomatoes and was getting bitten by fire ants and mosquitoes. We’re still at 112 heat index daily with no relief in sight. At 7:30, it feels like 97 degrees.

Have a super wonderful day and I hope yours is cooler than ours!


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