The Enchanted World

Sometimes escaping to a fantasy world is just the ticket to sanity.

The heat is never ending–91 at 4 am. The drain flies, gnats, whatever they are–are never ending. I’ve tried soap in apple cider vinegar (caught 2), water and apple cider vinegar and soap (caught 3), but the most successful thing I’ve tried are moth glue traps (3 set out and two have 46+ on them, 1 has about 15. My son-in-law says, “You actually count them?” Yes, I’m desperate to know what is working!). I picked up some gnat/fly glue traps, but so far, the one I put out only caught 2.

But the great news is I finished proofing Mated by Christmas and turned it in. Yay! I’m still working on Bear of a Halloween but I need to begin to work on the DEA red wolf story.

I’m up too early, couldn’t sleep.

Hope you all have a fantastic day!


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