Super Moon!

Tonight it’s supposed to be its fullest but I took a picture of it yesterday afternoon with my phone and was amazed how well it turned out.

We saw the new Indiana Jones movie, loved it, but I’m ready for them to quit having the old guys from the original movies in the new ones. Let’s get some new blood into the films. And while we’re on the subject, can we please have some new stories? Why the same old stories regurgitated forever?

We had a lovely day and a great dinner and ice cream afterwards. Today, we’re running errands with baby if he’s not sick. My son can’t get some things in Japan, so we’re going to do some shopping.

I finally, as much as I hated to, removed DAZ3D from my computer. I had like 36-65 GB left on my hard drive and couldn’t even create anything with it any more, couldn’t play Baldor’s Gate that finally was fully released–which needed 87 GB or so. When I removed DAZ3D, it freed up 500 GB!

Okay, so with my son here and the baby here today, and still picking up my granddaughter from school every afternoon, and having dinners with family, I’m not getting very far on the story. NOT to mention, I started playing Baldor’s Gate in between a few times, and ooooooh, so much fun. I haven’t played games in probably two years. But it’s all worth it. Life is too short not to have fun!

Well, before my grandson gets here, I’m doing some edits on the story, and hope to maybe get close to 1,000 today.

Have beautiful day!


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