Seeing Eye to Eye

We had a burst of rain yesterday! And the sun was shining. I was thrilled to get a little rain. But it’s still mucho hot out. This morning at 7, it felt like 95. And no rain in the foreseeable future or any cool down soon.

I was playing around with this scrap art this morning, and still working on Bear of a Halloween. Managed 2,000 words yesterday, and got stuck in a fight with creatures in the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. With the goblins massing at the front door, I was able to find another way in, and the big boss was just back on his altar, so I wasn’t facing the swarm there. But to get to the back door, I had to fight a swarm out front.

But I got stuck in the Underdark when I eliminated I think there were 3 of the guys I needed to take care of, but one other is invisible. She wouldn’t fight, so I couldn’t figure out where she was. I clicked on her profile, but I don’t have anything to toss around to break her invisibility concentration. I tried using fire spells and arrows, but that’s tedious when you have no idea where she is. Sooooo, I’m hoping after I explore more of the Underdark and return, she won’t be invisible and I can finish that quest.

In the meantime, I’m working on my own story!

Hope your day is fun-filled!


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