Decorated for Fall

I haven’t felt like it. It’s been so hot, that I haven’t felt in the mood. But with my 2 year old grandson’s help, we brought out all the decorations, and of course the collection of 3 Snoopy Halloween dogs were his (not really–I got them for my granddaughter over the years but I don’t think she cared about them as much as he did), and a soft pumpkin with a big smiley face, which he took with him in the car to pick her up from school, and slept with. Of course that’s my granddaughter’s too. Last year, he really didn’t notice any of that stuff. This year? It’s all my pumpkin. My doggies. lol He made a pumpkin patch.

So we had fun. Then so my granddaughter wasn’t disappointed that I had decorated already, I had some window thingies to put on the glass and she got to decorate that which made her happy. I had picked them up on clearance last year and plan to do the same thing this year for the next.

I’ve got them both for Columbus Day Friday and Monday, so I’ll probably take them to walmart to pick out one Halloween cuddly that’s theirs.

Okay, I’m off to write. I managed 2,000 words on my off day, so I’m getting closer to the halfway point on Wolf on the Prowl! And miracles of miracles, we got an inch of rain yesterday. Yay!

Have a beautiful fall day somewhere in the world.


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