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I think we should have no allergies when it’s winter. Why shouldn’t the cold weather freeze out the allergens?

I think we should have no allergies when it’s raining. Rain should clear the air of all the allergens.

I think we should have no allergies when we take allergy medicines. The medicine is supposed to clear up the allergens plaguing our bodies.

As I have a sneezing spell–the puppies get excited whenever I sneeze because they think I’m playing–I know that none of this is true.

As tears run down my cheeks–not due to writing an emotional scene in a book–I know that all of the above is wrong.

As I can’t breath, or I use up box after box of tissues, and Tanner, if he’s on my lap, tries to grab one to play tug of war, I know that something isn’t right.

But just like any hero or heroine in my book, I must push through the tears, sneezes, and struggles with breathing and fight the more important battle. Writing that next scene and the next and the next.

Then when spring comes? Omigosh, that’s when the pollen count is supposed to be in force.


My property is totally flooded from the monsoon-like rains we had yesterday.

And this is how my puppies looked as we went in and out of it all day long. I learned: my waterproof raincoat isn’t waterproof. My jeans are more like a sponge. My feet get cold when exposed to 35 degree chill factor and constant rain. And that two puppies wrapped in towels on my lap, sleeping, while I made my word count for the two days in one, makes for a very wet dog smell, and made me even more damp.

Wet puppies on a Wet day

Wet puppies on a Wet day

Today it’s supposed to be dry out. Well, after the flooded land dries out. We had more accidents yesterday or near accidents, puppy style, because, though they wanted to go out, as soon as they remembered how wet and cold and windy it was, they’d change their minds. Not that that was going to deter me. I took them out anyway. They just didn’t want to stay long enough to do the 2nd business of the day. We did manage to go out a few times and get it right. I think it was only Tanner that had the accidents. I caught Max right before he did once.

The pink inner ear belongs to Tanner. Max is mostly on the chair, his head on my lap.

The pink inner ear belongs to Tanner. When Tanner gets bigger, there won’t be room for both. 🙂

And that was my wild and wooly day yesterday. I predict: Today will be much better. 🙂

At least I got caught up on my word count, Phantom Fae is out and I need to work on the print version, and it’s the start of a brand new day. 🙂

If you have dogs, are they fair weather, and when it’s nice out, they’re happy to explore, but when it’s nasty out, that’s better left to the wolves–that are used to that kind of weather?

And if you have allergies, are you suffering too? Or is it just me?