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View from Eilean Donan Castle–a Blue, Blue World of Fog and Mystery

Eileen Donan Castle view

Eileen Donan Castle View

Don’t you love the view? The water? The mountains from the castle? Blue and more blue. Mysteries beyond. It draws the eye deeper and deeper and deeper, one layer of mountains at a time. As you can see it is cloaked in a light fog from the closest hills to the farthest mountains.

Have a wonderful day no matter what day it is. I called my daughter on Saturday, who is a dietitian for a school district, and she informed me she was at work. Okay, school personnel don’t work on Saturday. So I was thoroughly confused. “Is this Friday?” I was hopeful it was and I still had an extra day to make word count.

“No, Mom, it’s Saturday.”

“Okay. Good, I thought I had messed up my days somehow.” lol

But, I will say I finished Covert Cougar Christmas! And after finishing it, I cut out more bears for orders, and then pulled out my notes for Jaguar Christmas, so I can remember what story I pitched, brainstorming I did on it, and get started.

So whatever day it is, have a great one! 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Feeling a Little Blue?

blue dragonfly2 all blue (800x763)

I went out to check on one of my new trees that’s wilting, wilting, wilting in this horrible Texas heat with no rain is sight. And saw this blue dragonfly. I unsettled him, but hoped he’d return. So I rushed into the house, changed out lenses, and ran back outside to take pictures of him.  I kept approaching, snapping pictures, afraid I would make him fly off.  And I did. 🙁 But, I was able to get pretty close.

He’s looking a little blue.

Have a lovely Sunday!!! And remember to look around you. You never know what you might see.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”