Feeling a Little Blue?

blue dragonfly2 all blue (800x763)

I went out to check on one of my new trees that’s wilting, wilting, wilting in this horrible Texas heat with no rain is sight. And saw this blue dragonfly. I unsettled him, but hoped he’d return. So I rushed into the house, changed out lenses, and ran back outside to take pictures of him.  I kept approaching, snapping pictures, afraid I would make him fly off.  And I did. 🙁 But, I was able to get pretty close.

He’s looking a little blue.

Have a lovely Sunday!!! And remember to look around you. You never know what you might see.


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4 thoughts on “Feeling a Little Blue?

    • Hey, Colleen,

      I think maybe aphids are on that crepe myrtle. I love dragonflies because they’re predators and eat bugs that eat our plants. 🙂 So he’s a natural insecticide! 🙂

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