Highland Cow in a Pasture in Scotland

Highland cow detail

I loved visiting seven castles in Scotland, but one of my favorite sights was a Highland cow grazing in a Highland pasture. Oh, sure, you think, a cow??? Hey, I love longhorn steer also! They’re just unusual enough to be nice and interesting.

One of the things I found so remarkable about the Highland cows, besides the long shaggy fur coats, are that their faces are shorter than American cows.

With wolves–Arctic wolves are different from their gray timber wolf cousins–not just in coat color. They’re all gray wolves, but Arctic wolves have shorter legs and ears–because of the cold. So is it the same with the Highland cow? Their faces are shorter because of the cold?

In any event, they’re just darned cute.

Don’t you think?

Highland cow from Scotland and books (800x746) (2)

And look at what my friend brought me from Scotland!!! Thanks, Vonda Sinclair, for thinking of me~!  I love him. She writes Highland historical romances also.

Isn’t he cute?


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

10 thoughts on “Highland Cow in a Pasture in Scotland

  1. Thanks, Sin!!! I love them. They’re so cute. They actually have some in the US now. Would love to have one, but don’t think the farmer who rents my land would like it if I had a furry cow standing in his maze, gobbling it up. LOL Plus, it’s too hot here. So have to make due with the little fuzzy one. 🙂

    Thanks on SEAL Wolf Christmas! Can’t believe it’s almost here. Just weeks now!

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