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Dreams Gone Amok

Penny Bear

Penny Bear

I made up my last Penny Bear. She actually has faux suede paws.  The color didn’t turn out in the photo. She looks more like the picture above, color-wise.

Penny Bear Available for Sale

Penny Bear Available for Sale

This is the last I have of this fabric. I’ve always loved it. It’s really soft and it looks like a really light mauve, yet placed against mauve, it looks like a light brown, yet placed against brown, it looks like a really light mauve. 🙂 <3

I was having fun showing off some of my Christmas fairies, but taking pictures of them with the regular lens wasn’t doing them justice. So I took some of them with the macro lens.

Christmas elf 003 (427x640)Christmas elf 004 (427x640) Christmas elves 003 (470x640)Christmas elves 004 (484x640) Christmas elves 005 (427x640) Christmas elves 006 (427x640)

And that is the magic of Christmas!

Everything’s decorated, cleaned, and while I’m waiting for family to arrive, I finished proofing the print version of The Vampire…In My Dreams

New Cover

New Cover

and am off to proof the print version of Call of the Cougar.

Call of the Cougar FINAL WEB

Oh, and do you dream? Do you ever analyze your dreams?

I had a wild dream this morning. The sharp-shinned hawk has been flying around the area, and my birds have all but disappeared. I saw one of the cardinals the other day on a feeder, but nothing is eating the seeds I’ve left out for them like they usually do. So it’s bugging me. I loved seeing the hawk, but I love hearing all the song birds and seeing them come for food. *sigh*

cardinal eating soggy seeds 006 (3)hawk on feeder 010 (640x505)

Which is why I had the most bizarre dream, I think. I saw the hawk and ran out to take pictures of it. I left my back door open and a black bear cub ran inside the house. (Remember, this is a dream. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a Texas Tall Tale Teller–not that I don’t tell stories–in my books, but…)

Then the sow was looking for her cub. So I’m on the phone to 9-1-1, trying to get them to send someone out to get the cub out of my house. Of course, I’m trying to take pictures of it while I’m talking. You know. To share with my fans. 🙂 <3 While talking on the phone. I’m afraid to try and open the door and let him out and let the sow in. Soooo, what a dilemma. Plus, I had to rush the dog (that I don’t have), into a back bedroom so that the bear didn’t try to kill it. The dog is barking her head off–it’s a big dog, not any breed I’ve ever had, and in fact, I think it’s a mutt of some sort–the house isn’t mine either, just the treed backyard.

Soooo, dream analyzers, what does this mean?

Probably that I need to write about bear shifters next. 🙂

Okay, enough about dreams. It’s time to proof another book so I can write on Phantom Fae! 🙂 <3

Do you have weird dreams? Do you believe they’re just a way of dealing with all the stuff going on in your life or something deeper? A fellow author is part Native American and her dreams come to her and she was told she needed to share these stories. That’s how she comes up with her books! I wish it would happen like that for me. Dream about it and write it. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Hey, even neater, if you could just have electrodes sending a signal from your brain, attached to the computer and the computer writes everything down while you’re dreaming. Next morning, you could edit it. Hmmmm….sounds like a cool futuristic story to me.

Did I mention that Her Highland Hero is in audiobook form? I’ve had so many things happen at once, that I’m not sure what I’ve shared and what I haven’t. The narrator is from Scotland, and I love her voice.


Audible: https://mobile.audible.com/pd/Romance/Her-Highland-Hero-Audiobook/B00PV2ANE0?s=s

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Her-Highland-Hero-Highlanders-Book/dp/B00PX8N790

Back to the real world and cougar shifters! Have a lovely Sunday!


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