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A Silver Wolf Christmas Goodreads Giveaway! & the Crepe Myrtle Flower that Doesn’t Belong…

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Doesn’t that sound like a children’s story title? The Flower that Doesn’t Belong?

Like The Ugly Duckling?

Botanists would have a cool explanation for this. Me? I just think it’s the neatest thing ever. I have never seen this happen on any of the crepe myrtles. I’ve seen this happen on variegated privet that will suddenly sport no variegation on some branches and other such things. But this? Never.

I was actually taking a picture of the desert willow flowers in bloom, which surprised me too. They’re supposed to come out when we have a summer rain shower. No rain showers for the past two weeks, and been near 100 every day. So when I was taking the puppies out, I suddenly noticed flowers! And had to capture them. It’s really, really, really windy out, so I had to hold the branch, hoping that I could get a good shot with my phone, though the flower was still shaking, but I thought it turned out well.

Desert Willow in Bloom

Desert Willow in Bloom

And then I saw the crepe myrtle where it wasn’t supposed to be. I have pink, red, hot pink (watermelon), but this caught my eye.

Red crepe myrtle flowers with one pink flower

Red crepe myrtle flowers with one pink flower

Isn’t that the coolest???

I’m not very good at holding a phone in one hand and taking a picture when holding the branch in the other in high winds, but I thought it turned out well, despite the handicap. What do you think? And best of all, his brother flowers are just as happy that he is there with him, sharing the same branch.

And another great review for SEAL Wolf Hunting!!!

“True love triumphs over all!”

Fresh Fiction ReviewSEAL WOLF HUNTING is a fun, sweet, and character-driven romance. The passion between Lori and Paul gets hotter and intensifies as their feelings grow and become stronger. One of the strengths of this book, as well as this series, is the tight-knit relationships between family and friends. I love how the members of Lori and Paul’s pack support each other and watch out for each other. As always, I look forward to the next book by Terry Spear.  Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted July 10, 2015


Fresh Fiction Review

SEAL WOLF HUNTING is a steamy page turner! Author Terry Spear has another winner with this one as she continues to bring us her bestseller Heart of the Wolf shifter series. The story if filled with down to earth characters, a lot of humor, laughter, sizzle and suspense, making a perfect storyline. Right from page one the reader is thrown into the plot and it continues to build from there. The dialogue is in turns hilarious and serious just what you expect in a couple that are being pushed to be together. Paul has to make a decision that he doesn’t even realize he has already made, just needs it drawn out of him. He is sexy, tough, smart and sensitive to those who belong to his pack and family. Lori is perfect for him; she is also sexy, tough, smart and sensitive. She wants to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but she won’t be walked on either, not by anyone … including Paul. I loved how she took up her role and was there for the pack when Paul had to leave, proving that they are a concise team that could work together for the better of their people. SEAL WOLF HUNTING is already on my TRA shelf and I can’t wait for more!Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted July 10, 2015


Finally reached 60,000! 20,000 to go! 🙂 <3 And up to ch 7 on edits on She-Wolf. 🙂

Have a super great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Nature’s Beauty

rainbow, trying to create (640x427)

Oftentimes when I water, I see the miracle of a rainbow forming in the sunlight, and I think how much I’d like to capture it. I absolutely had NOT planned to take pictures today. None. Not one. Okay, one. Of a rainbow. Well, maybe more, until I could capture one just right.

You see, rainbows are tricky devils. They fade just as you take the shot. Here I am, juggling the hose and the camera and trying to see if the rainbow is even in the picture. It was, but I couldn’t tell, or sometimes it would fade right out of existence before the camera finished focusing.

rainbow with hose (2) (640x427)

rainbow over the cornfields (640x427)

The top one shows more of the rainbow. The second one, the rainbow at the top had nearly disappeared already.

You know that a pot of gold is at the end of a rainbow, right? But would it exist if you create your own?

creeping vine hummingbirds (640x427)

Wolves and cougars have been found to help keep a balance in the wild or animals such as herbivores, elk, deer, goats, will eat up the vegetation to the ground, and then other wildlife can’t take cover and lose their habitats. And what has that to do with these pretty flowers? While I was out watering the other day, I saw these bad, bad flowering vines. They are weeds. They creep over everything and in this case, they’re climbing over a variegated privet, pictured above with the rainbow. But twice now when I’ve gone out to water, a hummingbird has flown close to my water spray. And I thought she was coming from the cornfields, which I couldn’t understand. Unless my neighbor has a hummingbird feeder.

But no, she’s coming for the nectar from these flowers. Sometimes “weeds” are miracles in disguise.

creeping vine, tubular flower (640x427)

Hummingbirds love tubular flowers.
creeping vine waterdroplets (640x427)

Nature’s hummingbird feeder.

desert willow flower (640x433)

Desert Willow

I planted these because they don’t mind heat and drought, only now they’re not flowering. But the hummingbirds are attracted to them when they do flower.

So the weed, which seems to be more reliable,  stays. Sometimes humans just need to leave nature alone.

Don’t you agree?

Now, if I could only capture a shot of the hummingbird!

Have a glorious Monday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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