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Deciduous Plants vs Dying Plants

I was working on synopses for three different books and went through all the changes on Jingle Bell Wolf, now proofing it. My daughter wanted a pregnancy shoot today, so I’ll be doing that and then be back to working on proofing. I need to have this done by Monday, so that’s all I can do all the rest of the weekend. By Friday night, I had only started on chapter 5–proofing. I already made all the changes or rejected the ones that didn’t need to be changed.

Doing edits and I came across this: Wouldn’t light reddish fur be pink? When would light reddish fur ever be pink????? lol

And truly, reddish fur is orangish, but you don’t call a red wolf an orange wolf. Or the orangish fur on a gray wolf orange either. It would be reddish. And taking if further, would you call someone with light red hair having pink hair? I don’t think so. Not unless it truly is pink. And that is a whole other story. I remember seeing a lady with pink hair when I was a kid, way back before people started dying their hair all kinds of fluorescent colors. This was soft pink and then her poodle was a matching pink. But like I said, that’s a whole other story.

I was watching the War of the World, a cool series and a movie about Barbarossa while combing out the dogs. I’ve been so busy on audiobooks and proofing, I haven’t been working on them. So they were a job. They don’t shed, which means they mat up.

No photo description available.
Dying pine tree. I will have to have it cut down.

With all the freezing weather we’d had, it looks like a lot of palm trees and sago palms bit the dust. And oleanders too. My parents had them years ago, but a freeze killed them too. Luckily we didn’t have any of either, so I’m hoping that everything in my yard made it. I’ve been trying to teach my granddaughter what deciduous and evergreen means. She keeps pointing out deciduous trees and telling me they’re dead. I keep telling her they’ll leaf out. We have live oaks that shed some leaves while they grow new ones, but some of those have barely any leaves. They usually have most of them year round, so hope people didn’t lose them too. And my pine tree is well on it’s way to being dead. It’s supposed to be evergreen. When it looks this brown, now a good sign. They’ve said to leave everything until mid month before cutting back to see if this stuff will come back. I don’t think so on the pine tree.

All right back to proofing! Then picture taking. I took the family pictures when she was pregnant the first time–back then, just my daughter and SIL before baby came. I didn’t have time to do anything but have them stand against their brick house. She had the baby the next day. We wanted to take pictures when they had azaleas blooming, and other flowers too, and green everywhere, which it was before the hard freeze. I wanted to wait a week or so, but my daughter’s worried she’ll have the baby first. lol That wouldn’t do! Especially during a photo shoot. So we’re doing this earlier than the last time.

Have a great day!!


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