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Woohoo, Night of the Red Wolf Turned In!

A tree in Savannah, Georgia with the most beautiful old knot hole. I think this was in a very old cemetery. I saw a red hawk in a tree, but I didn’t have as long a lens when I was there so I don’t think it showed up very well. The owls were a fun add.

Okay, so today is gymnastics for Grandma and little one. Hopefully, this will work out. But it’s only temporary. She’ll have to move to an older class without Grandma if she wants to do this. It’s up to 2 1/2 and she’s 2 years, 9 months old. I don’t know why they don’t have it for up to 3. The next class is 3. So what happened to the kids in between?

I finished edits and turned in the Night of the Red Wolf, yay! It’s the new novella in the 10th Anniversary release of Seduced by the Wolf. I also managed to get 2,000 words on Vampire Redemption and 2,000 words on Highland Wolf! And made it to the halfway point on the 4th level of Tower of Time. So today is my non-writing day, though I want to get some more done if I can after little one leaves. She didn’t take a nap on Monday, so I never got writing during that time.

Anyway, I received Night of the Billionaire Wolf proofing, so I have to do that now. *sigh* I’m hoping it won’t make me behind on word count. Vampire Redemption is extra. It’s not my “official” word count requirement. But Highland Wolf is not, so I need to get it daily.

Alright, little one should be here in a few minutes. Off to get ready for an adventure!

Hope your day is a fun adventure!


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