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Woohoo, Night of the Red Wolf Turned In!

A tree in Savannah, Georgia with the most beautiful old knot hole. I think this was in a very old cemetery. I saw a red hawk in a tree, but I didn’t have as long a lens when I was there so I don’t think it showed up very well. The owls were a fun add.

Okay, so today is gymnastics for Grandma and little one. Hopefully, this will work out. But it’s only temporary. She’ll have to move to an older class without Grandma if she wants to do this. It’s up to 2 1/2 and she’s 2 years, 9 months old. I don’t know why they don’t have it for up to 3. The next class is 3. So what happened to the kids in between?

I finished edits and turned in the Night of the Red Wolf, yay! It’s the new novella in the 10th Anniversary release of Seduced by the Wolf. I also managed to get 2,000 words on Vampire Redemption and 2,000 words on Highland Wolf! And made it to the halfway point on the 4th level of Tower of Time. So today is my non-writing day, though I want to get some more done if I can after little one leaves. She didn’t take a nap on Monday, so I never got writing during that time.

Anyway, I received Night of the Billionaire Wolf proofing, so I have to do that now. *sigh* I’m hoping it won’t make me behind on word count. Vampire Redemption is extra. It’s not my “official” word count requirement. But Highland Wolf is not, so I need to get it daily.

Alright, little one should be here in a few minutes. Off to get ready for an adventure!

Hope your day is a fun adventure!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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1947 Police Car–With and Without Texture Overlay

police-car-1947-aad-conference-2013-savannah-147-800x561police-car-1947-karen-alsops-texture-difference-43-percent-exposing-shiny-parts-savannah-147-800x561police-car-1947-karen-alsops-texture-difference-43-percent-exposing-some-shiny-parts-savannah-147-800x561-1The picture was shot of a 1947 police car at the police station in Savannah, Georgia. Isn’t it beautiful? Love the old brick building too. I have another I shot of the black car I’ll show off later.

The next was with a texture overlay and sun’s rays, and the 3rd, using a Difference mode on the texture overlay that made it look like a comic strip. 🙂

Okay, got to get back to work! My teeth and head are killing me–sinuses, so took some allergy medicine and hope it helps quickly!!!

Have 600 words to go and 7 chapters to go on White Wolf Christmas and am dogsitting tonight and tomorrow night, sooooooo, I need to get this done before that happens! Off to take some tylenol!

Have a super great day!!!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Do NOT Feed the Alligators–Why Need a Sign???

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 085 (800x534)

Here, you go to the swamplands and there are signs–watch out for rattlesnakes, no alligators. 🙂  But in Savannah, who would think to feed the alligators???

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 128 (800x533)

When we were walking through Savannah and taking pictures of the old buildings, one of the ladies pointed up at the “lady in white” watching out the window. How cool to see such a sight and make us feel as though we had really stepped back in time!

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 102 (800x533)

This is the paddle wheeler we took for a night of wild partying.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 105 (800x533)

Suspension bridge cloaked in fog that night.  Cool, right?

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 054 (800x533)

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but these cargo boats are HUGE.

Okay, that’s it for today. Have to get back to editing Hero of a Highland Wolf.

herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)

Have to show him off every chance I get…and then it’s back to writing.

Have a super Tuesday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


I love storm clouds. I think it’s because they bring refreshing rains, break up a boring sky-scape, add conflict, and bring change. While we were in Savannah, we had storms every day.
Storm clouds AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 248 (755x800)
But even on the flight out, we witnessed some humongous storms also over Texas.
Clouds over Texas AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 001 (800x533)

Some of them were really quite impressive.
Storms over Texas, Aug 2013 (800x533)

We hurried back to our hotel while the storms gathered. They’re very fast moving so we just reached the hotel when the rains began to come down in a deluge.

AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 077 (800x403)Every day and night we had storms on and off, lightning, thunder, and had to take a taxi to reach the Pirate’s House even though it wasn’t too far to walk to, but it had just started to pour.

What about you? Do you love clouds?

And a new release! Storms in this story too!!!

Murder, mayhem, and family secrets abound when some beneficiaries of an insurance magnate’s last will and testament plot to get their money early. During a week of togetherness orchestrated by her not-quite-departed uncle’s will, headstrong heiress McKenna Sutherland has to team up with resort manager Thomas Hampton, the man who stole her heart five years ago, or she’ll lose her inheritance—to him! McKenna and Thomas need to uncover the villain among a cast of colorful characters who have joined them for the week, each of whom has a stake in the ultimate outcome—Uncle Sheldon’s money, and loads of it. Thomas’s job is to keep Sheldon’s faked death a secret, while he makes sure McKenna isn’t next on the killer’s hit list. With everything around them a lie, can Thomas regain McKenna’s love and trust before it’s too late?




Coming soon to:



And just received notification that The Deadly Fae is now available in audio book!

The Deadly Fae: The World of Fae, Book 2 | [Terry Spear]

Lady Sessily is a dark fae, an assassin, and she intends to retire and take up some other occupation so she can lead a normal life. Get a boyfriend. Visit the human world to hassle humans like many of her kind do. Attend fae kingdom parties, not as the mystery woman who is scoping out her next intended victim, but just to have fun. Until tall, dark, handsome, and deadly interrupts her plans. She is on a mission to assassinate a fae lord who is the most evil kind of fae. But when she is thwarted, not once but twice by another fae lord, she is ready to strangle him. And she’ll do it for free.

The crown prince of the cobra fae doesn’t know what to think when he hires a master assassin who turns out to be a woman – not her father like he’d been led to believe. But can she eliminate one of the most powerful queens of any of the fae kingdoms without getting herself killed? He soon rethinks his plan as he gets to know the woman he begins to think of as his angel assassin.

Audio Book

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

The Living and the Dead in Savannah, Georgia

In the old Savannah Cemetery, it’s sad to see so many had died due to a yellow fever epidemic after a hurricane hit the area. But here are some of the creatures who live in the cemetery among the dead.

Cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 210 (621x800)

There were two red hawks flying overhead, resting in the trees, calling out to each other.

Hawk cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 204 (546x800)

And two baby doves who wanted to take off when I was trying to take a picture of them and not disturb them too much.

Doves AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 162 (800x533)

And a squirrel who was in a hurry to reach the safety of one of the huge trees dripping in Spanish moss.Squirrel in Cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 177 (800x398) (2)

bird's nest (800x533)

And here was a bird’s nest among the green leaves and the Spanish moss, perfect place for a home for the baby birds.

The cemetery was ghostly looking and feeling because of all the Spanish moss, and the story behind the deaths of those entombed there. The ghost meters were going off like crazy, of course. But that’s to be expected because the “ghost” app on the phone is meant to do that. 🙂

More on the cemetery tomorrow!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


Ghost Orbs??


Ghost Orbs in front of a wall??? Or just something on the camera. All the other pictures were totally clear.


When we were in Savannah, Georgia, I took pictures of the walls and fretwork in some of the old buildings that were “haunted.” We were on a ghost hunting tour–paranormal equipment, you know–the usual. Ghost light detectors, phones set on ghost tracking where it pops up with words and it doesn’t matter that the words reoccur no matter where you are in Savannah, and you can have a ghost right beside you, it happens with such regularity, you know you’re being stalked. Temperature readers.



Picture of the old building above the restaurant below, view of huge oak trees. (Haunted building)


I mentioned to the tour guide that it was like Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs can’t be kept on a schedule where they appear at regular intervals just for the tourists. 🙂 I’ve witnessed paranormal events, but it was always so unexpected, not something that was “forced.” I don’t think she appreciated what I said. LOL


Anyway, so we had lights that changed colors when “entities” were in the local vicinity, changes in temps–yeah, yeah, so there was air conditioning seeping out of the window of a building right next to the walkway where it was sooooo hot. Hmm-hmm.


Finding ghostly entities with ghost lights.




And yes, the entities came to a particular spot on the floor. They were kids, because guess what? When you raised the ghost alert meter, it would lose the signal. So had to be a kid. Right. Not electrical something in the floor???


But it was fun playing along with Bonnie Gill, as the ghost hunter spoke to all the ghosts and asked them yes and no questions and they answered with red and green lights. Bonnie was playing the game, good cop/bad cop scenario. I was the Doubting Thomas, but still looking for my own ghosts that were not part of the paranormal tour woowoo. 🙂


This was NOT on the ghost tour, and it was an antique shop with a wickedly evil looking Italian bench. Bonnie only got a picture of a haze where the bench should be. The little evil looking figure in the center had green glowing eyes on her picture. But my closeup of him was fine.


But my camera picked up ghost orbs when hers just showed fog. Different pattern entirely from the first picture above at the haunted building showing ghost orbs. And all the rest of my pictures were clear. I always figure something’s on my lenses, but how come everything else was clear? These were the only two pictures that came out like this.



We had a blast!!! I love old buildings, architecture and all the fun cool shops. But Authors After Dark was so much fun too. We had a ball at the Elemental and Vampire balls, super great author panels, loved the YA chocolate bar, Pamela Tyner’s breakfast gathering, just lots and lots of great activities! 🙂 Oh, and Samhain’s ice cream party. And surprisingly, I didn’t even gain weight! 🙂 


So what do you think? Ghostly orbs, or just the lighting in the building somehow???


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”