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The Living and the Dead in Savannah, Georgia

In the old Savannah Cemetery, it’s sad to see so many had died due to a yellow fever epidemic after a hurricane hit the area. But here are some of the creatures who live in the cemetery among the dead.

Cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 210 (621x800)

There were two red hawks flying overhead, resting in the trees, calling out to each other.

Hawk cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 204 (546x800)

And two baby doves who wanted to take off when I was trying to take a picture of them and not disturb them too much.

Doves AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 162 (800x533)

And a squirrel who was in a hurry to reach the safety of one of the huge trees dripping in Spanish moss.Squirrel in Cemetery AAD Conference, 2013, Savannah 177 (800x398) (2)

bird's nest (800x533)

And here was a bird’s nest among the green leaves and the Spanish moss, perfect place for a home for the baby birds.

The cemetery was ghostly looking and feeling because of all the Spanish moss, and the story behind the deaths of those entombed there. The ghost meters were going off like crazy, of course. But that’s to be expected because the “ghost” app on the phone is meant to do that. 🙂

More on the cemetery tomorrow!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


Ghost Orbs??


Ghost Orbs in front of a wall??? Or just something on the camera. All the other pictures were totally clear.


When we were in Savannah, Georgia, I took pictures of the walls and fretwork in some of the old buildings that were “haunted.” We were on a ghost hunting tour–paranormal equipment, you know–the usual. Ghost light detectors, phones set on ghost tracking where it pops up with words and it doesn’t matter that the words reoccur no matter where you are in Savannah, and you can have a ghost right beside you, it happens with such regularity, you know you’re being stalked. Temperature readers.



Picture of the old building above the restaurant below, view of huge oak trees. (Haunted building)


I mentioned to the tour guide that it was like Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs can’t be kept on a schedule where they appear at regular intervals just for the tourists. 🙂 I’ve witnessed paranormal events, but it was always so unexpected, not something that was “forced.” I don’t think she appreciated what I said. LOL


Anyway, so we had lights that changed colors when “entities” were in the local vicinity, changes in temps–yeah, yeah, so there was air conditioning seeping out of the window of a building right next to the walkway where it was sooooo hot. Hmm-hmm.


Finding ghostly entities with ghost lights.




And yes, the entities came to a particular spot on the floor. They were kids, because guess what? When you raised the ghost alert meter, it would lose the signal. So had to be a kid. Right. Not electrical something in the floor???


But it was fun playing along with Bonnie Gill, as the ghost hunter spoke to all the ghosts and asked them yes and no questions and they answered with red and green lights. Bonnie was playing the game, good cop/bad cop scenario. I was the Doubting Thomas, but still looking for my own ghosts that were not part of the paranormal tour woowoo. 🙂


This was NOT on the ghost tour, and it was an antique shop with a wickedly evil looking Italian bench. Bonnie only got a picture of a haze where the bench should be. The little evil looking figure in the center had green glowing eyes on her picture. But my closeup of him was fine.


But my camera picked up ghost orbs when hers just showed fog. Different pattern entirely from the first picture above at the haunted building showing ghost orbs. And all the rest of my pictures were clear. I always figure something’s on my lenses, but how come everything else was clear? These were the only two pictures that came out like this.



We had a blast!!! I love old buildings, architecture and all the fun cool shops. But Authors After Dark was so much fun too. We had a ball at the Elemental and Vampire balls, super great author panels, loved the YA chocolate bar, Pamela Tyner’s breakfast gathering, just lots and lots of great activities! 🙂 Oh, and Samhain’s ice cream party. And surprisingly, I didn’t even gain weight! 🙂 


So what do you think? Ghostly orbs, or just the lighting in the building somehow???


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

One of the Most Fun Things About Being an Author–The COVERS!

Hero of a Highland Wolf

How difficult can one Highlander be?

For centuries, Grant MacQuarrie and his ancestors have been administering Farraige Castle overlooking the North Sea for a Playfair family, who had left it in their capable hands when the last heir moved to the States. Now, the daughter has inherited the estate. According to the contract, she must live in the holding for a year and a day so she can learn how to adequately manage the castle from across the sea before she can return to America. Grant MacQuarrie, pack leader and chief of the MacQuarrie clan, has run the estates forever and isn’t happy about having an American lass in his way. But when she arrives, he learns she’s a sexy wolf who isn’t at all like her stuck-up, devious father, who hated Grant and his clan.
Colleen Playfair has never been to Scotland, although she has several famous and infamous Scottish ancestors. So when she learns she must live at Farraige Castle in the Highlands for 366 days, she’s excited about the prospect. And a little apprehensive. Already, one Grant MacQuarrie is not happy about her coming. Will the Scots be peeved with her since she’s an American, trying to run things? But she’s got her ancestors’ head for math, geology, and architecture, her father’s stubborn determination, her mother’s ability to make friends, and her uncle’s knack for making people smile, so how hard could it be?


Totally had fun with this story. We haven’t lost the MacNeills. They’re intertwined with the story also. But it was fun showing two wolf packs in the Highlands that are actually friends. 🙂

So what do you think? Does he have what it takes to win YOU over?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”