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Honeymooners are in Capri

Do you ever live vicariously through others? Reading, watching movies, listening to friends tell you about their trips? Sure.

And it’s fun!

Doesn’t that look like fun? I’m ready to go!

But…I need to revise the novella and send it to my editor, so working on it today. Tomorrow, I had planned to dive into my book that I’ve set aside while I had to write the novella and do the edits, but I have to do a makeup day for babysitting for granddaughter. What? Grandmas have to do makeup babysitting days???? She’s sick again, ugh, and I hope she doesn’t give it to me. I finally slept in this morning (7:15, yay!), no stupid phone alarm going off like it did on Tuesday morning–I swear the fae set it just to get me back for not writing their next story! Yep, I did not set it. And the tune was so fae like, I actually incorporated it in a dream, for a while. My phone is charging in another room, so that meant having to leave the bedroom and turn it off. I was so tired, I didn’t realize I just had set it on snooze. So I returned to bed, was about to fall asleep, and there’s that fae tune again. lol I think after I figured out how to turn it off, I was awake.

I really, really have to get back to the story! Have a super, lovely day. We’re headed for more storms! But while baby slept yesterday, I managed to get all my flowers and my tomato plants planted! Yum!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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HEA in the Equine World


Picture of the zonkey and mother are pictured here:


One-half donkey + one-half zebra = A HEA  and one cute little zonkey!

The story of the zonkey in Florence, Italy says, “The story of Ippo’s birth reads like the equine equivalent of a romance novel. ” ABC News

The picture of the zonkey caught my attention first, but as a writer of romance novels, the story really caught my eye. I’ve used real romances between wolves in my wolf-shifter stories. Will there be a zonkey shifter in the future? Probably not, but still, I love it.

The male zebra was rescued from a failing zoo. So you see, already you have the story: hero’s world turns upside down.

The female donkey was in the exhibit next to his. She is an endangered animal species. So our heroine is also rare and the future of her kind is uncertain.

Perfect conflict.

And they fell in love.

He actually climbed the fence between their exhibits to court her.

And baby Ippo was the result of their union.


And that’s what I love. HEA

Happy Saturday!!!

Back to writing my own!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”