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Gone to the Birds…

The birds stop coming to the feeders and that means something is wrong. So I check, yep, seed is wet and moldy again. So I clean out the feeder, don’t put as much in this time. The no-melt suet was completely gone. All the birds loved it. I couldn’t find it again, so I picked up berry suet and the birds are happy. But also, I tried apples and they didn’t appeal to anyone. So I cute up an orange. The birds like that.

So here is a bluebird, mockingbird, uhm, cardinals got into my tomato plants, dove,mockingbird, mouth open (640x427) (2)gold finch (640x589)

gold finch (2) (640x540) and titmouse. A bluejay was there, but missed getting a picture. And the gold finches love the berry suet and the oranges.

bluebird sideview back bluebird front crested titmouse (640x525) cardinals in tomato plants (640x427) dove

And!!! A mockingbird was drinking from the new fountain. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the camera ready fast enough. But thanks to my friend, Donna, she said they will come. I just have to give things time. 🙂

Just like with writing. Have new hard drive. Hope this will solve all my problems!!


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