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Phlox and Sunshine Ligustrum–Gardening Time!

Magenta Phlox and Yellow Ligustrum

Got an early start on planting the six phlox plants and the last of the sunshine ligustrum. It was a lot warmer out than I expected–which was great! So was out there pulling weeds and planting and want to do a ton more, but we’re off spring break and that means I’ve got to pick up little one on the afternoons I don’t have her for a full day. So I need to get my word count in.

I keep hoping that eventually the plantings will look established like some gardens in the neighborhood, though my house was the last built, so it’s understandable. Still, every year I’m out there planting more, hoping something will take hold and take off, fill the planting beds, and hold back the weeds. Sometimes I feel that will never happen. lol But I’m not giving up.

I was reading about how people with long-term COVID have gotten the vaccination of one drug company or another and it’s fought the virus and they’re so much better now. I’m really glad for that. And it’s good to see fully vaccinated grandparents able to finally hug their grandchildren and families. They’re saying that we might have enough vaccinations available that we won’t need some of the ones they’re trying to get approved. That’s really good news. I’m hoping everyone who wants one can get one soon. I know a lot of the elderly who should have gotten one already, haven’t. Some haven’t wanted it, but others have. But I’m glad they’ve opened it up to more people because having more vaccinated will help to protect others too.

I managed to get 4,000 done on Billionaire yesterday. I’m up to 34K! Yay. It always amazes me when I don’t have any words on a page and then I have nearly half the book finished.

Well, I’m off to get started on my writing. Late start for me because of doing yard work first thing instead.

Have a super great day and hope everyone can get vaccinated soon!

I think that we will be so much better off across the world and get back to a more normal existence–travel, movie theaters, eating out, talking to people! Parties. Just enjoying the way it was. I hope it will happen sooner than later. One day at a time.


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