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Research Helps…

to get me on track.

Superfast Wing-Flapping Pipevine Swallowtail on Zinnia

For Red Wolf Christmas, I’ve done tons of research. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I’m reading, I can’t stop reading. But guess what? It can pay off in the long run. I think, man, I wasted a whole day writing. Or two whole days writing. And nothing has come of the story. How did that happen? That’s how it happened. But…days later, something finally clicks.

And I’m thinking, wait, that would work in the story! So I was writing, got a 1,000 words early yesterday morning, then finally got another in the afternoon, slowly, but then the story started to gather steam. Three-thousand words. Four thousand. That’s what I was shooting for so that I could have some extra words (2,000 a day for the next couple of days so when I do the edits on the 10th Anniversary of Legend of the White Wolf I won’t be behind). But I was still going. Five thousand. Time for bed. But I printed off some pages to edit in bed and realized as I was editing, I had more to say. And more and more. I have to type up the edits, but it was getting so late, I will write the rest today. And that will give me a start anyway.

So see? All that research paid off. That’s why I absolutely cannot write an outline of my book. It doesn’t work for me. As I was searching for a place to set one of the plats of land, I found this neat online plat and owner finder. Who would have ever known? She had the deeds, but she didn’t know where one of the plats of land was located. And so I was looking for a place to set the plat and the town just hollered to me. Here! This is it! The name? Christmas Valley. It’s a Christmas story. Yes! And there’s a neat history to it. Soooo, more research, more story plot, more words.

Speaking of which, I need to get busy. Have a super fun day!!!

I’m off and running! Again. Yay!


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