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Not Just Bird Watching!

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When I was a kid, I was taught to always do my homework before I could play. That work ethic was drummed into me and so it stuck with me all my life. So the last thing I did AFTER I did all the other things I HAD to do, was tried to coax the cardinals to come out and play. I went outside and was shocked that all their bird seed was gone.

We had 30 mph winds, so I was thinking that it just scattered. But what if the birds had eaten it? I poured some more on the patio, and then went back to working on the bears I needed to make for another shipment to Australia. (Now it suspiciously sounds like I hadn’t finished all my work before I went to play with the birds, but in truth, I had only planned to finish one bear and had done so, but after the break I was ready to finish the other. Just had to clarify there! 🙂 ) And when I went into the kitchen for a cup of hot tea, there they were! Both the male and female cardinals!

She was watching me from the tree as I took the pictures from the window.  Several were blurry, but this one turned out beautifully, which reminds me, just like with my writing, not everything will be perfect the first time. Sometimes I will have to rewrite something a few times before it works for me. 🙂

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I’m still waiting for it to get light out so I can take the pictures of the finished bears, and I missed a couple of historical romance books for the raffle basket I’m taking to RT Convention and another author wanted to send hers also. And then two more authors wanted to add to the contemporary basket.

But here is the contemporary basket for one lucky raffle winner. I had to have these posted by Feb 1, so deadline drawing near!

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I finished rereading Jaguar Pride, and will now set it aside and give it a rest for a couple of days, then reread it again.

So what’s next? Still have 3 more guest blogs to write, 4 interviews that I need the questions for, and need to get the bears ready to ship, still waiting on one sweater to arrive for one of the bears. And I’ve got 3 Rita books left to read.

I’ve started writing a ton of books, and I have another deadline coming up for another–June, but with the conferences, it will be here before I know it.

So it’s light out enough, and I’m off to take some pictures–not just fun pictures (even though taking all pictures are fun for me), but pictures of the bears and the updated historical romance basket giveaway!

Are you an “eat dessert first” kind of person, or do you do your chores, and then get to play?

Have a super great day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”