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Fantasy–Moonlit Castle

While baby was sleeping on my lap, I played around with a couple of photos. The fantasy castle was created with a mushroom background. I actually saw red and white mushrooms in Scotland while climbing green hills where sheep roamed freely, but my camera battery had died. Note to self: Always have a backup with me.

I did take the picture of the castle in Scotland, the beautiful Eilean Donan, the reflection in the still water. I added the bunny and moon and clouds.

In the blackbird picture, it was a blown-out sky with a stone pillar behind the one bird. I added some sun flares.

I managed to run errands with baby before the rain started, only it didn’t until later that night. So I took her for a stroller ride too. I don’t know who was more worn out–her or me. She at least took 3 naps. I couldn’t! 🙂 The only way she will fall asleep for me is on my lap. I even weeded a little while she watched from her stroller.

I did manage to get another 1,000 done last night on the story! Nearly halfway done! Then it’s all downhill from there! Today is humpday. When I reach 40,000, that will be another humpday no matter when it is. Hopefully tomorrow.

I need to run more errands, the ones I couldn’t do with baby. But…it’s supposed to start raining around 9. I’m a fair weather errand runner.

The ground is nice and wet, so I’ll weed a little first–that means pulling up stubborn, hard rooted grass that is in the new flowerbeds I created last year.

If I was smart, I would have pulled the grass up BEFORE I planted the floral plants. But instead, I keep working at it until the grass is all gone around the plants. And once it’s done, yes! It’s done!

When I took baby for a walk around the yard, I was looking at all the plants I need to cut back and the flowers that are getting ready to bloom. This is a fun time of year. Fire ants aren’t out. Mosquitoes aren’t too bad. It’s not hot! Just perfect.

And….it’s pouring out. So much for holding off on the rain until 9.

Okay, that means????? I get to write!

Have a fun fantasy-filled day! 🙂 <3

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