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Excerpt Wednesday: The Trouble with Demons, Book 1, Demon Guardian Series

Did you get your copy of a Very Jaguar Christmas yet?

a-very-jaguar-christmas-at-woodlands-mallI autographed copies of A Very Jaguar Christmas at The Woodlands Mall yesterday. My son is in town to pick up his dog after I took care of her while  he was in Alaska for three months. And this morning, I’m trying to figure out who won all the prizes on all the FB parties I was on!

But today  is Excerpt Wednesday, so I wanted to share:



Book 1


(Demon Guardian Series)


Terry Spear



Terry Spear



All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review.


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Girl in fairy forest



The Trouble with Demons:


Witches and warlocks hide their true identities from the rest of the human population, while three teens with demon heritage living with human families, become unlikely companions in a race against time to deal with a demon threat to humankind in their own quirky way.


Alana Fainot, a witch and half Kubiteron demon, witnesses a Matusa murder his summoner, and she knows he’ll target her next. Raised by her mother, she has no idea who her demon father is. But when she’s pulled to a demon portal, she meets Hunter Ross, half Matusa, half human, who returns demons to their world, but who’s been poisoned by a Matusa and is more dead than alive. His human mother gave him up for adoption, and he doesn’t know who either of his birth parents are. His friend Jared Kensington, full blooded Elantus demon, less powerful than the Kubiteron, is a whiz at electronics and helps Hunter track demons in the city, but was abandoned by his parents on Earth world for reasons unknown. He’s determined to find help to save Hunter. Alana knows aiding any Matusa is a mistake, but when she learns Hunter is half human, she makes a deal—he protects her against the Matusa who will come for her, and she helps find his dad in the demon world to save Hunter’s life.


Often at odds, the three teens work together to stop the plans of a group of Matusa to take over the human race before it’s too late.


“I wondered maybe if she’s taken Dad’s advice.” Uncle Stephen’s eyes were almost sympathetic.

Her mother hadn’t taken her grandfather’s advice since he kicked her out of the family when she became pregnant. Which meant Alana hadn’t had anything to do with her grandparents either. She frowned. Wonder what my demon grandparents would be like? She’d never even considered she had another set. “What advice did Grandfather give her?”

“That she find a warlock and settle down.”

She snorted. “That would be the day.” Yet a small niggling worry gnawed at her. What if her mother wanted to rejoin the secret magic users’ circles?

She could, once Alana was no longer at home. Was that what her mother was up to? She wanted to find a life with her own kind again? Clenching her teeth, Alana sat down, then took out her contacts. She had one more year left at high school. Couldn’t her mother wait until she went to college at least? Whose fault was it that Mom had ruined her own chances with a warlock?

Secrets, always secrets.

But… if her mother returned to the magic users’ circles, where would that leave Alana? Out in the cold? Not able to be part of the demon world or really fit into the human world… jeez, what had her mother done to her?

“What are those? Contacts? Why are you wearing them? None of us have vision problems.”

“I have red eyes when I get angry.” She tried to make her temper rise, but she couldn’t. The feelings had to arise naturally and despite how annoyed she was with her uncle, she apparently couldn’t make herself angry enough. And now she couldn’t quit wondering about the way her mother shipped her off so suddenly.

He shook his head. “She’s really taken this thing too far. Why didn’t you tell me about this last summer? I would have made sure you didn’t return to live with her.”

The way her blood boiled, Alana was certain her eyes glowed with fire, but her uncle didn’t seem to notice anything different. Ignoring his question, Alana figured she’d better get to the point of the matter. “I saw a Matusa demon summoned in Baltimore, then murder a woman. I’m sure the other two who had helped summon him were next on his agenda. He saw me watching him, but I wasn’t really physically there. I could sense everything in the darkened alley, the breeze, the odors, hear the words spoken, everything. It was some kind of an astral dream-walking experience. You know? Like being sleep paralyzed? Except I’m wide awake. So it’s not exactly like the out-of-body-experience, OBE, that scientists have studied. How could I be in two places at once if I wasn’t part demon? No witches or warlocks you know can do that, can they?”

“Hallucination? You’re not eating some of those mushrooms your grandmother was getting into last year, are you? She saw some of the most bizarre things until we realized what she was eating for a midnight snack.”

“I don’t do drugs, Uncle Stephen.”

Her uncle’s face turned stormy. “You haven’t had a near death experience, have you? If your mother didn’t tell me…”

“No, Uncle Stephen. I’ve never been clinically dead, or nearly dead.” Though if the Baltimore Matusa got hold of her…

He took a ragged breath. “That’s good to hear. If you’re done with your coffee, we’ll go back to work.”

So that was it? No death experiences, no using drugs, dismiss the issue? She growled inwardly. “Defensive spells?”

“Levitation, until you get your mind centered where it needs to be.”

Now, aren’t my eyes glowing red?


A half hour later, as the sun’s fiery orange glow sank beneath the earth, Alana was levitating two coffee cups. Concentrating was proving to be more difficult by the second, but she knew focusing had a great deal to do with successfully casting any spell.

She squinted, trying to make out the title on the book Uncle Stephen was reading. Barbecue recipes? He looked up at her, making sure the cups hadn’t moved.

Relaxing New Age music played overhead. The fragrance of the coffee lingered in the air. She licked her lips and could still taste the sweetened decaf. Outside, a light rain pattered on the cement walk, and she smelled the shower-cleaned air, totally attuned to her surroundings.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the cups. But before she knew what was happening, her eyes focused on a vision—a sign, Hayworth Motel, rusted, swinging loosely in the Texas breeze. Then her gaze shifted. The yawning portal filled with light drew her forth.

The wind whipped at her hair and clothes, and the garbage odor from a nearby dumpster permeated the warm, humid air, a slight rain drizzling.

A man moved into her vision, not from the portal, but from a few feet away. A Matusa demon with long, dark hair, but not the same as the one in Baltimore. Her breath caught. He didn’t see her yet, and she wanted to slip out before he did, but then she saw another. Much younger, maybe her age or a little older, he was tall like her Uncle Stephen, his blond spiked hair cut short, his blue eyes sharp and wary.

He was like the other, but not. She couldn’t pinpoint what made him different, besides being younger, but he was also a Matusa. She’d never seen two of them together. Was this something new? A gathering of the Dark Ones before they plotted to conquer the human race?

But where was the summoner?

Both the older man and the younger one turned to look at her, their eyes widening. Ohmigod. She took a step back. Leave, leave, leave!

The older one’s lips turned up and his eyes reflected his sinister delight. “She’s mine.”

Okay, back to figuring  out contest winners, and thanks to everyone for comments and likes on my blogs! I really appreciate it! 🙂 <3

owl-blue-light-649x800Owl at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. 🙂

Oh, forgot, I’m giving away two audible copies of The Trouble with Demons!

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Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

Connect with Terry Spear:

Website: http://www.terryspear.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySpearParanormalRomantics

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerrySpear

New Release: Phantom Fae!

Phantom Fae

Human turned phantom fae Brett has to survive mage trials when he has only just learned he’s a mage. And dragon fae shifter Ena is warned that the dragon fae kingdom is in turmoil, something that she vows to help put to rights.
When Brett is forced to fight alongside the phantom fae, which means take a stand against Ena and her kind, he’s not doing it. She will always have his loyalty, though when she learns he’s one of her enemy fae, and a mage on top of that, she might not feel the same about him.

Still, Prince Grotto is their common enemy, and if it means fighting him, maybe they can work together. Yet, Brett wants more than that with Ena. Will she ever see him as more than just a human fae seer she took as payment for rescuing the kingdom’s princess?

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SKCY59C

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/512923

Kobo: http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/phantom-fae

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/phantom-fae-terry-spear/1121100973

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-phantomfae-1732037-143.html

Google Play: Coming

Normally, I like to have a story that is ended, no cliff hanger because it frustrates readers when they don’t know when the next book is coming, and I never know when I can finish a book when I have so many other deadlines that absolutely have to be met: ie for a publisher.

With Hawk Fae, book 5, it had to be left like it was or it would have been two books in one. And truly, I loved the way it was ended, with resolution, but with something more devious going on coming up.

With Phantom Fae, book 6, resolution. I have two covers for two more fae stories, no idea where I want to go with them at the moment, or titles for them. But when I have some time, I’ll share.

Because I worked on finalizing this up all day yesterday, I didn’t have time to work on SEAL, so I’m behind, but I’ll hopefully catch up on word count today. I will be working on the Phantom Fae print version soon, but needed to get my word count for SEAL because it’s so much harder to manage when it gets really behind. Hopefully, I’ll be at the halfway point today, if I get caught up.

It’s been raining a lot, which is unusual in the winter, but we so needed the rain again. I slipped on the wet pavement when I went to take the dogs out at 4:45, so need to find a different pair of shoes that hopefully are less slippery, or figure out something else. I have a conference to go to in a little bit and I don’t want to be running around in airports on crutches.

Oh, and I had asked my editor if they’d be interested in a historical wolf story series some time ago because I love writing historical, but she said no. My wolves also have long lives, so often I slip some of the historical aspect into them. So I thought it would be neat to have two series, the historical ones and the contemporary ones. But when she said no, that was fine with me. A rejection means an opportunity to excel. With today’s publishing options, I can just smile and say, “Okay,” and go on my merry way and write the books of my heart anyway.

A couple of years ago I listened to a NY Times bestselling author who was writing a historical series, and she had this idea for a really cool Irish historical romance series. She was so excited to write it and her agent said if she tried to push it, he’d dump her. Now, she was a highly successful author and he was making a ton of money off her, but he was afraid if he didn’t squash this far out notion, she wouldn’t make any money and he wouldn’t. So she dumped him and got a new agent, sold the series, and made bestseller status on those books. We have to write what our heart tells us and hopefully our readers will love them every bit as much.

I wonder if the agent is regretting his decision. Even if the sales hadn’t taken off, the author had to do this. It’s what we do. Create. From the heart. And if that creativity is squashed, we end up hitting a brick wall of writing block.

Editors and agents will sometimes steer us in directions that aren’t right for us because they think that’s what the market wants. But we’re still creating the stories and we have to be able to write what we can to an extent because otherwise the story just won’t come.

So here is the cover, still need to come up with a series name and title, but I think for series name: Highland Wolf Clan. Not sure on title. It will be historical, wolf, Highlands.

And I thought this was such a fantastic cover, I had to buy it for the first book. 🙂

wolf Highalnder cover

That’s it! I’m listening to the rain, and it’s pouring out, typing this up, working on making the changes to SEAL that I worked on when I went to bed last night and then I’m off to write.

Have a super great Thursday. Puppies are sleeping on my lap and all is well.



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

Connect with Terry Spear: Website: http://www.terryspear.com Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySpearParanormalRomantics Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerrySpear Wilde & Woolly Bears http://www.celticbears.com

The Business of Books


My first box set! Isn’t it cool? Since the first two of my Highland books are with a publisher, I couldn’t do this with my Highland series. And this is the next book series (a teen urban fantasy) that I have that’s growing because of the interest in it. So since I had the sixth book ready for release, I figured I’d release the first five in a box set.


First 5 books in the World of Fae series:

The Dark Fae: Alicia has planned a vacation at South Padre Island with her girlfriend Cassie in forever. But just as they’re enjoying a day on the beach, here comes a dark fae to spoil their holiday, except only she can see what he truly is. Alicia has no idea how upside down her world can turn with a chance meeting with one of the dark fae from the royal house of the Denkar.

The Deadly Fae: Lady Sessily is a dark fae, an assassin, and she intends to retire and take up some other occupation so she can have a normal life. Get a boyfriend. Visit the human world to hassle humans like many of her kind do. Attend fae kingdom parties, not as the mystery woman who is scoping out her next intended victim, but just to have fun. Until tall, dark, handsome, and deadly interrupts her plans.


The Winged Fae: Serena, a royal member of the Mabara winged fae, has one goal in mind. Stop an impending marriage with a dark fae. As the fae are known to do, she stirs up trouble that she hopes will make her point and get her off the hook. Only nothing goes as she plans.


The Ancient Fae: Princess Ritasia misses the adventure of getting her brother and cousins out of trouble, but when the hawk fae king arrives to court her, she becomes involved in trouble nothing like she’s ever faced before.

Dragon Fae: Seeking to save Cassie from the dark fae, Princess Alicia runs into trouble in the form of dangerous fae seers. A dragon fae, who is different from all the rest, is sent to locate and rescue her. Simple mission. All Ena has to do is find the princess and return her home. Except nothing is simple in the world of the fae. Not when two fae kingdoms are involved. And humans. And fae seers. And all the trouble that can cause.

World of Fae Box Set


Barnes and Noble
This is book 6 in the popular urban fantasy series where the fae world and ours is separate. But you know how you run into a wall when you know you have plenty of room to clear it, or you can’t find something you just know you could have put in one of three different places, and it’s not in any one of them, or your skin prickles with unease for no apparent reason–well, blame it on the fae. They pop in to play games with us humans. So next time you spill something, it really wasn’t your fault. Just take it as a good natured–or not–fae having a bit of fun at your expense. And the day WILL get better. If the fae move along. Just be glad that you’re not a fae seer–someone who can see them when they’re not visible to the rest of  us. If you can see the fae, that’s a whole other story! And so the series continues!

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)

Sometimes doing a good deed can prove to be a disaster, Ena, dragon shifter fae, discovers as she must flee her home. But her staff chooses to go with her and deal with the dangers to reach the safety of the hawk fae kingdom, if the king there welcomes them. The human, Brett, promises to help her escape the marriage to the despicable dragon fae prince, rather than return home to his Earth world. And now all the dragon shifter fae are at risk of having to face the dragon fae king’s wrath.

Esmeralda, the hawk fae king’s sister has been imprisoned by the griffin on their island for half of her life and she finally makes her escape, only she gets herself into even more trouble.

Against her wishes, Ena must forsake Brett on the journey, and he finds his world is turned upside down once again and now he has to survive the life or death trials of the phantom fae kingdom.









Barnes and Noble


Demon Trouble, Too’s audiobook also just released. The narrator who was working the first one was having technical difficulty. *sigh* So two is out before one.

Alana Fainot is a demon gate guardian, stuck in her last boring year of school. But not for long. Hunter and the rest of the gang show up when her astral form can’t return to her physical form, and she’s at the police station trying to talk her way out of having seen the murderer of a summoner. Hunter always knew Alana was trouble, but his kind of trouble, and he’s not leaving Alana alone again.

Celeste Sweetwater, a new kind of demon, joins Hunter and Alana and the rest of the demon guardians in a fight to find a new kind of portal device that can summon several demons at once. But not only that, another Matusa has been unleashed on the unsuspecting human world and the demon guardians must stop him before he wreaks much more havoc.

But this time, the police are involved, paranormal investigators pounce on the area, and the whole mess seems to be spiraling out of the demon guardians’ control.


I just received some review copies, so if anyone wants to listen to a teen urban fantasy and has never used one of audible’s free credits, let me know and I can give you a copy. These are not on CD. 🙂

Okay, so I’ve had enough goofing off. Totally missed my word count on Jaguar Pride yesterday with finishing these up. Sooo, no more skipping my word count goals!

Have a super Middle of the Week Day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”