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Pink Sunsets and Clouds

Some nights have the most beautiful sunsets.

I’m up at oh-dark-thirty this morning because my teeth on one side feel like they all need to be pulled. After two hours of trying to sleep, I finally gave in, got up, and took allergy medicine to help the sinuses drain, and advil to help with the pain until it subsides. One time, I thought I needed a root canal, went in to see the dentist, he took x-rays, and told me it was sinus pain. Yay! Not that it’s any fun, but better than a root canal!

A Carolina wren with ruffled feathers in the  wind, and Yaupon holly tree growing in my Spanish heather. Just found it. It grows native here, so where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Whoops, I didn’t post this! That’s what happens when I get up at oh-dark-thirty!

Have a great one!

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Sunsets and Bears and Books!

I went out to get the mail and saw this sunset and had to capture it!

Sunset boost (500x333)

Every day is a day filled with a goal or six.

I recently read a post where the author said she was bored. I just can’t even imagine.

I have 3 Matheson bear orders I need to complete–they sent me the wrong fabric from Scotland yesterday–my fault. They changed up a scarf for a square and it’s too small to use to make a sash for the bears. So I had to reorder. I received another clan bear order this morning, different clan, MacPherson–headed for Australia, and luckily, I do have that fabric.

MacPherson Clan Bear 002 (427x640)

I’m still working on a trip to Minnesota to see a fan and friend who is taking me to see the International Wolf Center in Ely. I was also interviewed in their magazine once, which was really cool, given I write about wolf shifters that are based on wolves, and setting up a book signing at a store up there also, and making sure they’ll have my most current release on hand!

I’ve been trying to come up with a more exciting opening on The Viking’s Highland Lass. I had to rewrite Cougar’s Mate for that same reason. Sometimes I have to get to know my characters a bit before I can figure out where to take them. In this one, it’s action packed, lots of humor, romance and suspense, much like my other books, and not at all how I started it before. Well, some of it is. Because some of the scenes did have that forward movement and lots of what I like: action, humor, romance and suspense.

I tried writing for one publisher once, but I had too much suspense in the story. I tried writing for another and I had too much humor. 🙂 I tried writing for another and I had too much romance. All three of those lines folded. No more.  Crashed. Burned. Vanished.

Maybe, just maybe, readers would have loved those stories that had action, adventure,  humor, romance, and suspense all lumped in one. Oh… yeah, they do!

Anyway, so I got the final critique from one last reviewer, and so need to make the changes and then Cougar’s Mate will be ready to go!


So though  I thought my main focus today was The Viking’s Highland Lass

I have to revise my plans and spend the day revising Cougar’s Mate, then getting it ready to publish. 🙂

I have no time to be bored!

What about you? Are you ever bored?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”