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Yep, the Rain Returneth, and So Have the Flood Watches

storms 004 (640x427)

Thunderheads up North

storms 003 (640x427)

Storms to the East

storms 010 (640x427)

Raindrops on Berries

Don’t you love how the raindrops were reflecting the color of the red berries? I said I was going to try capturing raindrops soon, but it started raining BIG raindrops on me and I had to go back inside.

And the water from these are clear

And the water from these are clear

And that’s my secret, but I’m not saying. Because then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? Do you think I’ve been working too hard lately?

🙂 <3 Okay, back to writing Gunnolf’s story. Have a super great TGIF!


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Don’t Believe Anything the Weatherman Says…

storms 001 (800x533)

Oh, I know it’s not their fault that the weather doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. We were so looking forward to a week of rain, but it keeps slip-sliding away. Still, some days have a projected higher percentage chance, so maybe…

I won’t hold my breath. Still, this was what was brewing last night. Pretty impressive, eh?

I’d thoroughly forgotten we even had a chance of storms, until I saw these.  I watered on Wednesday, figuring the new plantings still needed water even if it rained on Saturday. Hmm, maybe I should water again? Wash my car? Schedule a picnic? And see what happens then!

Maybe it’s like the watched teakettle. If I quit watching the weather, the rain will come. 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”