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Vampires Get a Bad Rap–Sometimes

Huntress for Hire

She has her sights set on the worst vampire of them all…

In my world, vampires are part of the human world. They coexist. Some are good. Some are bad. Just like humans. But hunters of vampires also exist, who were changed during the Black Death also–those that survived the plague having enhanced healing abilities, enhanced senses, and a drive to kill the rogue vampires. So they’re real. They live among us. Years ago, I watched a show where the police officer kept trying to prove the vampires were real. He was a kind of Colombo–paranormal style. I loved that show, kept wanting him to prove they existed, poor guy. When today we all know they do.

But, I have to say that vampires do not shop in stores like this:

vamp vintage wear (409x800)

These clothes are for vampire wannabes. You know the old saying: Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes it works out all right.

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Sometimes it doesn’t.

bonnie vampire hunting copy (800x680)You just never know, so is it worth taking the risk?

Vampiric Calling

a novella

Wanna to drink to that? Or have a bite of chocolate?  Again, I have to warn you, these are not vampire brands as in produced by real vampires. Just saying!

vampire wine, vampire chocolate, vampire foodSometimes it’s just safer sticking to the drink and food of the humans and pretending you’re a vamp.


Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”