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Time Traveling to the Past…

I love time travels. I guess it’s like a fish out of water. In my wolf stories, they live LONG lives, so that means some of them have cool historical pasts. I love history, so it’s a way for me to add some of that into the story. For instance, in one of my Highland wolf stories, I show the scene in the past where the wolf pack is dealing with pirates in the Highlands. One of them sees a woman trying to escape brigands who he again later rescues in contemporary times. Her family were pirates of old.

But in A Ghost of a Chance at Love, she actually time travels to old town Salado, only it has a different name in the old west. It’s a town in Texas that I used to visit with my mother, and I always wondered if you went back in time, how would you explain who you were? And how would you return to your own world? It’s also a ghost story…and she’s caught up in a real mess, both in her own world, and in the past–all because of her job and a ghost relation who doesn’t want to leave what she remembers of her world.

I was playing around with a Viking from Neostock, featuring a blending of worlds–a cave that becomes part of an abandoned building as he travels between times. Wouldn’t that be a shock for him and everyone else who encounters him? How would he deal with it? Would he find his way back?

Okay, so I have to immerse myself in the real world–fighting crime between wolves in SEAL Wolf Surrender….

Have a great day, whether you slip into the past or move forward to explore new worlds!


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Fog is Halloween

If I don’t have to go anywhere, I love fog.

It reminds me of “The Fog.” Or any other creepy foggy story where who knows what lurks in it.

It reminds me of Halloween.

pine tree and fog (800x533)fog (800x533)dense fog (800x533)

It usually means the heat is mixing with a cold front for our area, and that’s even better. This fog was even thicker earlier and I finally remembered to take my  camera out and take a picture of it. 🙂

Halloween 2012 007

What about you? Do you like fog if you don’t have to drive in it?

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Happy TGIF!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”