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Heat Wave–Need Some Rain, Please!

Even the Lizards are Thirsty in Texas

I have to say that I wrote and wrote and wrote on Billionaire, managing to get 5500 yesterday. Thought I had done more than that, but it got me up to 68,389 words. That means I have less than 12,000 left to write! Which means I’ll write about 6,000 more than that. It’s just the minimum, but I still have several scenes to write. 🙂

Still, I’m getting there! And hope to be there by the weekend.

I took this photo of the lizard and the bottle of wine at a museum gift shop in Austin, only in Texas. 🙂 I added the grunge background to make the critter and his poison of choice stand out.

Here’s a fun black and white version.

black and white lizard and wine

But with 100 degree heat every day and no rain in sight, and no relief from 100 degree heat every day, it seemed appropriate.

Even so, it hasn’t been bad. My plants would have all needed watering by now if we hadn’t had so much rain before. And the temps are nice in the morning and not to bad late at night. If a breeze blows, it helps. I have to take the puppies out in it so I don’t have much choice. In the middle of the heat, I have to stand in the shade. It’s just too hot otherwise.

I started a new regimen with the puppies. After staying up so late the other night and getting up so early, I took a nap and decided to allow the puppies to decide where they would be while I did so. Max went into the crate and took his nap. Tanner slept by the door. It worked! They both came to see me to tell me after 30 mins I  had taken enough of a nap, and sure enough, they both had to go potty outside. I tried this about a week ago and both wanted in bed with me. So I had to put them  in their crate.

They still might not be ready for this, but I’m working them up to sleeping on their beds or in the crate without having to be “locked” in nights. But for now, we’re working on the occasional nap time.

Have a super crazy and wonderful day!


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