The Wolf Pack has Gathered!

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Wolves work in packs–team work, as long is it isn’t a lone wolf. I was reading about one that wanted to join a pack, but the pack leaders wouldn’t let him join. Kind of like Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, right?

But he was persistent. Kept staying on the outskirts of the pack when they gathered for anything. Every once in a while, the male pack leader chased him off. And he’d run away because wolves protecting their territory can kill other wolves.

He wasn’t giving up. Which makes you think of what? He was pretty much an alpha in his own right. Yet…he wanted to live with the pack. So one day, the alpha male and female welcomed him. And he was finally part of the pack.

Don’t you love HEA? 🙂

If you picked up A SEAL Wolf Christmas, hope you are enjoying it!!!
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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


7 thoughts on “The Wolf Pack has Gathered!

  1. Just finished ! You out did yourself, it was a fantastic read. Now what do I do ? I guess I could start at the first book and re-read 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful imagination and research you do to bring your wolves and Seals into your readers hands.

    Many twists and turns, laughter and tears. It was great !


  2. Ah, thanks so much Lori!!! LOL, yes, start from the beginning. 🙂 That’s 11 books to read. Well, and two jaguar stories. I plan to publish The Highlander on Oct 21 for my Highland medieval fans. 🙂 That sounds like my fans are medieval. Hmmm…. 🙂 So if you’re interested in some yummy Highlanders, medieval style… more are coming. 🙂

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