Book Plates for Your Print Books!

Aren’t they beautiful?

fae autographed book platesHighland autographed book platesJaguar autographed labelsromance autographed book plateswolf pack autograped signature

If you need some, just send me an SASE.

terry spear @ ymail (dot) com

When you send me the SASE, just add a note saying which you need and the quantity! 🙂

Thanks! You are all the best.


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

4 thoughts on “Book Plates for Your Print Books!

  1. LOL, no problem. Self-addressed, stamped envelope. And just a note in it that say which you’d like and how many. I won’t ever remember otherwise. Just send a note to my email! Thanks! Or message me on FB. 🙂

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