Mission: Fog

That was my mission. Take pictures of the fog. I love fog. It reminds me of vampires. And ghosts. And the mystery beyond.

So when I see a fun, foggy day, I take pictures. Only this time I thought I’d try to capture the fog and then do a black and white version of it. Some of the photographers’ sites I visit have the most gorgeous black and white photos. Total novice here, but I thought it was interesting, nonetheless.

fog orchard bw crisp 400

It’s a bit cluttered with telephone pole, wires, a fence post, hose roped around it, a picture of the bare field in between my property framed by trimmed hedges and then my neighbors of his trimmed peach orchard, and beyond, trees in the distance. It’s also interesting to see the fog layers and how deep it is the further out you get. It shows a country life where wildflowers can grow with abandon.

And this was taken on my other neighbor’s side where the fog was even more pronounced. Actually, it was getting thicker by the time I moved to the backyard.

fog other neighbors yard 400

But I was thwarted on my mission to take pictures of the fog.

Because of him.

Here I was happily looking for fun fog shots and he was in the backyard, looking at me when I must have taken the 2nd fog picture. I turned to take one of my back acreage, and there he was. The farmer was actually getting ready to sow his crops so was making a racket right next to my yard, yet Wiley, the Road Runner, just watched me and let me take several pictures of him surrounded by henbit, the wild purple flowers around him.

And then I worked on bears for one bear order, 3 Matheson Clan bears. They have their tams/bonnets on, but are bear chested, needing their sashes still, and waiting on the fabric to come from Scotland.
And then I have to finish up the Campbell and MacPherson Clan bears for another order.
So that’s my mission today.
And our nice warm weather dropped in temperature, because it’s March! Prediction of ice on Tuesday.
Do your plans ever go asunder?
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

2 thoughts on “Mission: Fog

  1. I see Mr and Mrs Road Runner often when I walk or drive in front of my house. There is a wooded area on the other side of the road where I suspect they live. I get glimpses of all sorts of critters that venture out of those woods toward my clearing. Usually the dogs don’t allow them to get very close, but sometimes the dogs are napping! Most often when I don’t have a camera handy.

    I too like foggy days, there is something about them that is almost creepy?

    • Mine is looking for a mate. He or she bellows? Almost like a dove cooing, but louder and I’ve seen him puffing his chest up and calling. Maybe he will get lucky and find one. I think it’s so cool that you have a pair. We had them in OK too, but like you, had dogs. But I think the one lots its mate and eventually we only saw the one. I was just so shocked to see it there when I had been taking pictures of the fog and turned, and there he was. He hadn’t run off. I really think as many times as I’ve run into him, he’s getting used to me. 🙂 I was lucky to have the camera in hand at the time!

      Yes, like the cemetery is close by. But it’s also like a filter that makes the rest of the world disappear, the distractions, the clutter, and gives a sense of calm and peace. 🙂

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