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I’ve been absent, if anyone has noticed. 🙂

I was at the zoo. And I’m behind on my writing. I’ve been collaborating with 3 different author groups to put out 2 box sets, and the other will hopefully be a Highland anthology. Still working on all the stuff. 🙂 So really been busier than I usually am.

I was going to throw out the can of used up paint because yesterday was garbage day, figuring I had to get some new paint, but there was some left and it was good, so I was painting some more. I still have a short wall and some trim to do. And the brick walls to paint. They are a job because of all the crevices in the brick. My delightful daughter said that was one of my New Year’s Goals, to finish painting the room. LOL Don’t you love when others give you a New Year’s Goal??? I have a time enough with making my own! Which I don’t. I have enough writing goals to keep me busy!

So I’m off to write and try to get caught up. I’m at 22,000, think I wrote 1,000 by hand last night, so need to type it, and am aiming at 30,000 by the weekend.

All kinds of interesting stuff at the zoo. Here are a couple of pictures. Oh, and tried to post earlier, but having trouble with WP. 🙁

alligator (640x427)

American Alligator–he is looking at you! I would not want to run into him in a lake.

courting birds (640x536)

The birds of some kind were having a courting dance and several were going on at the same time. I think the brown is the female and the white the male if the showiness is anything. But if it is, the female was going on at the male, when I often think it’s the other way around. But what do I know??? There’s another brown version, if a female in the lower left hand corner, and she’s making a ruckus also. I think she wanted the guy!

2 poisonous snakes closeup (640x427) (2)

Two headed venomous snake or two snake heads? 🙂

Okay, off to see if I wrote 23,000 or more, hopefully more, and I’m on my way. A storm is coming. In the story, and outside, it looks like too. 🙂  More pictures later. All kinds of great shots this time. Not so much that the picture was the greatest piece of photography of all time–I leave that to all you professional photographers who do such a fine art job of it–but because of the circumstances. Like the mating birds up above. Are these mating snakes? Never know. And the alligator who is watching–YOU! 🙂

Have a super great Thursday!




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