Blue Light is Healthier

When I’m researching, I find all kinds of weird things.

Did you know that if you are a morning person and get up early and go outside into the “blue sunlight”, so called for the clearer blue of morning, even if it’s cloudy, it’s good for: staving off depression, makes you feel better, that those who are early morning blue light risers are often thinner?

jet trail (640x427)

This was taken in the morning at the Arboretum as I was trying to capture the picture of the jet trail across the sky.

Well, you know how it is with research. Who knows if it really is true.

But supposedly, orange light is the late afternoon light, more intense until the sun begins to set. And it’s not as good to aid against depression, etc, etc, etc.

Sunset boost (500x333)

So I went out in my blue light this morning and fed the birds. I usually wait until it’s a little later because I’m waiting for it to warm up, even though I get up early.  I don’t have issues with depression, so maybe it’s because I let in the blue light in the morning? I didn’t feel any thinner going out in the blue light to feed the birds though. I did see some flowers and I wanted to take a picture. A bunny bounded out of the shrubs. I went back in and got my camera and saw a second bunny sitting under the flowery shrubs I was going to photograph.

I think they are breeding like rabbits! Bunny and flowers (576x640)

But as to the blue light/orange light study? it’s food for thought!

Are you a blue light person or an orange light person?

Is this all silly or what?

Hey, I didn’t do the research! 🙂


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