Happy Wolf Day!

Happy Wolf Day


Woohoo, I am in werewolf heaven:

Nobody does werewolf romances like Terry Spear. The romance sizzles, the plot boils, the mystery intrigues, and the characters shine.

I think this was my first introduction to Silver Town. I’ve read about some of the Silver’s in prior novels, but this was my first introduction to the Silver family and I will most definitely be searching out previous books pertaining to them. So trust me, even though this is book 13 in the Heart of the Wolf series Silence of the Wolf is most definitely a standalone novel.

Elizabeth and Tom had so much chemistry it was practically bounding off the pages. There was an easiness about their relationship that made their attraction to each other believable. And while Elizabeth may have tried to play the part of a beta, she was pure alpha which made it all the more interesting when Tom ordered her to do something.

While the romance is divine, what continuously pulls me into Spear’s romances is that mystery and adventure that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Fans of Terry Spear’s will be quick to spot cameos of past characters.

Simply brilliant. Silence of the Wolf is romantic suspense combined with paranormal goodness mixed in with a whole lot of fun. And did I happen to mention the sexy werewolves that abound with in the pages?
Royal Reviewer Angela Simmons http://theroyalreviews.blogspot.com/2014/04/silence-of-wolf-by-terry-spear.html


Okay, back to my scheduled writing. One thing I will say, when I get a review like this, I’m sooooo much more motivated to write. So thanks to everyone who shares with me how much they enjoy my books!

It does make a difference!

So I’m at 45,000 on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, working on that 50K for the week.

I’ve also been pulling grass. Why is it that grass always grows where you don’t want it to?

Do you have that problem too?




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