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“Will Elaine and Cearnach find time to fall in love amid treasure hunts and attacks from the enemy?

Terry Spear’s A Highland Werewolf Wedding is sexy fun! Elaine and Cearnach are perfect for each other; both are Alphas and act like it. When they first meet it isn’t under the best of circumstances but it is impossible to miss the attraction between them—with each barb they exchange things get hotter.

The scenes between Cearnach’s mother and Elaine are great. The MacNeill’s bring tons of light humor to the story. It’s great to catch up with the family. A Highland Werewolf Wedding will leave the reader blissfully satisfied.: Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2de4304-2f5b-48ac-83e6-6ec500f112ff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


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“A SEAL Wolf Christmas starts off fast and furious in the Amazon jungle. Things heat up quickly as it’s impossible for Anna and Bjornolf to ignore the budding feelings between them. I found A SEAL Wolf Christmas to be a fun and sexy read. Ms. Spear gives us a good mystery, a heartwarming holiday tale and some serious sexy times with the couple.” Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2f0d500-c9fc-4ecc-b1aa-852009455aff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


“Cougar’s Mate is a shapeshifter romance with a twist even I didn’t expect – Shannon is the cougar shift gone feral in an attempt to save her life while Chase is the cougar who shoots her. A rather humorous mixture of escapes, protectiveness and heated moments follow as Yuma Town (cougar town) join forces to try and convince Shannon that staying is in her best interests. I loved this book! Just like all the ‘wolf books that Terry Spear has written, Cougar’s Mate includes the best parts of the feral beasts these people shift into. I’m definitely looking forward to reading book two and getting to know more of the large-hearted cougar shifters!” Review by: Dominique Goodall on April 08, 2014 : star star star star star https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/413454

IMG_5674 (427x640)IMG_5676 (640x427)IMG_5680 (640x455)IMG_5684 (640x427)IMG_5692 (640x585)Cottontail bunny (2)

My daughter said I had a bird sanctuary. With the bunny coming around, I feel like Beatrix Potter. 🙂

Have a lovely middle of the week day. I’m over the hump on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and working toward making 50,000 by the weekend.





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