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Puppy Wars!!! And Fantastic Early Reviews for Jaguar Pride!!

Okay, I was awake at 2 with allergies, so it wasn’t like I was asleep anyway, but, the puppies made me actually get up at 3:30.  Now, the reason was that Tanner had to really, really go outside. So that was good that he didn’t go in their crate. I was proud of him. It’s also storming out, but both were good.

So then, naturally, they’re up, I’m up, it means feeding time at the zoo. Not quite. It’s REALLY not time to be up. So I vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen, and wore them out. They were sleeping on my lap, but I just moved them to their bed so I could type more easily. I swear, I’ll get this alpha bit down soon. Well, forget that. It’s been like 45 mins and they’re back up. This is so much like having babies.

Good news also is that I’ve had some great reviews for Jaguar Pride!!


Woohoo, from Night Owl Reviews!!! Score: 5.00 / 5 – Reviewer Top Pick

I loved Terry Spear’s Jaguar Pride. The story flowed so well and I was surprised when I finished it. I was completely absorbed and loved the characters. Any story with shifters involved is going to rock my world, but this one was just amazing. I found it interesting that the author went with poachers. Poachers are a big thing and it can get very dangerous to stop them because you are cutting into them getting big money. I truly enjoyed this book and can easily recommend it. I hope others will love it as much as I did.
In Jaguar Pride Huntley takes no prisoners and is one of a kind. He and his partner Melissa find shifter cubs, by themselves, on a mission he takes them under his wing. No one will hurt them under his watch and Melissa feels the same way.

Happy reading,

Wild Rayne


Jaguar Pride
Terry Spear

4 Stars

ISBN: 9781402293795

RT Review: The unexpected surprises included in this installment of the Heart of the Jaguar series are enough to make readers’ jaws drop. Spear’s latest is chilling and thrilling from start to finish – and fans of bad-ass cats will revel in each minute, clawing their way to the finish.


Oh, and of course I’m behind on writing Phantom Fae, though when I was awake at 2, I was thinking more on scenes. I have been writing daily, but just getting behinder.  Still, I’m working on it. And that’s the main thing. To keep working on something even if you don’t have the time to devote to all of your word count goals.

Have a super great Friday!!! I’m enjoying the storm, though not when taking the puppies out it in all day. 🙂 <3

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
Connect with Terry Spear:
Wilde & Woolly Bears


Cougar’s Mate is up for a Vote! Jaguar Reviews!

I totally forgot about this. Cougar’s Mate is up for a vote if you have a moment and the inclination.




And I got these two great reviews for more big kitty cats!

Jaguar Fever is book two in the Heart of the Jaguar series by Terry Spear.

Connor and Kat have gone back to the jungle for a vacation. And Maya is supposed to follow one day later. Connor has left her alone for one night. So you would think she could stay out of trouble, right? Not Maya! She has discovered a bar that is frequented by shifters like herself. And she wants to meet other eligible male shifters. Also, she has been contacted by two long lost cousins so they are going to meet her there. But she didn’t anticipate the reaction she would get from the single male shifters when a new wild jaguar shifter enters the bar. And, she didn’t anticipate running into Wade Patterson.

 photo images2_zps1117caec.jpg

Wade and his brother David are going to the bar on a job. Little did he know that this would be the night Maya Anderson would walk back into his life. Its been five months since they got back from the Amazon jungle. They never really met but they knew each other’s scent. Wade had been under the impression that Maya was romantically involved with Connor, not that they were brother and sister. So once he realizes that Maya is single and available, he knows he wants her.

“I haven’t been in a good catfight in years.” Wade glanced in the rearview mirror at Maya. “But the prize this time was definitely worth fighting for.” Carol, Goodreads Addict


Savage Hunger is book one in the Heart of the Jaguar series by Terry Spear. What I love most about Terry Spear’s books is that they grab you right away and keep you invested until the very last page. And that is exactly how I feel about this book.

 photo tumblr_mals5gi18f1r93y4eo1_500_zps3761df74.gif

Imagine being a Jaguar shifter but not being able to find any others like you. Of there being no hope in sight of finding a mate, someone to share life with, have children with. This is the life Conner Anderson and his sister, Maya have been given. Abandoned by their parents long ago, they are all each other has. They stay under the radar, owning a large gardening business in Texas. But twice a year, they vacation to the Amazon to let their jaguars run free. And this is exactly what they were doing one year ago when Conner first encountered Katherine McKnight.

“He told himself it was fate that had made them cross paths, providence that had brought them together again.”

These three have quite an adventure, both dangerous and comical at times. I love that Terry Spear’s books have everything, humor, sweet romance, and plenty of gripping suspense. I plan to go directly into the next book to see what comes next.

Carol, Goodreads Addict

AND!!! For Jaguar Hunt, releasing Jun 4:

RT Book Reviews: 4 1/2 star review! – http://www.rtbookreviews.com/book-review/jaguar-hunt
– “This ferocious feline novel is a passionate love story gently woven into an action-packed plot that will steal readers’ breaths away.”

Don’t you love it???

I’m back to working on going over the audiobook narration for Scepter of Salvation. 🙂

Have a super great day!


Lots of New Reviews! And Spring Flowers! And a Spring Bunny!


“Will Elaine and Cearnach find time to fall in love amid treasure hunts and attacks from the enemy?

Terry Spear’s A Highland Werewolf Wedding is sexy fun! Elaine and Cearnach are perfect for each other; both are Alphas and act like it. When they first meet it isn’t under the best of circumstances but it is impossible to miss the attraction between them—with each barb they exchange things get hotter.

The scenes between Cearnach’s mother and Elaine are great. The MacNeill’s bring tons of light humor to the story. It’s great to catch up with the family. A Highland Werewolf Wedding will leave the reader blissfully satisfied.: Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2de4304-2f5b-48ac-83e6-6ec500f112ff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


SEALwolfxmasapproved-300 (390x640)

“A SEAL Wolf Christmas starts off fast and furious in the Amazon jungle. Things heat up quickly as it’s impossible for Anna and Bjornolf to ignore the budding feelings between them. I found A SEAL Wolf Christmas to be a fun and sexy read. Ms. Spear gives us a good mystery, a heartwarming holiday tale and some serious sexy times with the couple.” Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2f0d500-c9fc-4ecc-b1aa-852009455aff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


“Cougar’s Mate is a shapeshifter romance with a twist even I didn’t expect – Shannon is the cougar shift gone feral in an attempt to save her life while Chase is the cougar who shoots her. A rather humorous mixture of escapes, protectiveness and heated moments follow as Yuma Town (cougar town) join forces to try and convince Shannon that staying is in her best interests. I loved this book! Just like all the ‘wolf books that Terry Spear has written, Cougar’s Mate includes the best parts of the feral beasts these people shift into. I’m definitely looking forward to reading book two and getting to know more of the large-hearted cougar shifters!” Review by: Dominique Goodall on April 08, 2014 : star star star star star https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/413454

IMG_5674 (427x640)IMG_5676 (640x427)IMG_5680 (640x455)IMG_5684 (640x427)IMG_5692 (640x585)Cottontail bunny (2)

My daughter said I had a bird sanctuary. With the bunny coming around, I feel like Beatrix Potter. 🙂

Have a lovely middle of the week day. I’m over the hump on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and working toward making 50,000 by the weekend.





Silence of the Wolf & Cougar’s Mate Reviews


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Howling good read for #Supernatural Thursday
March 13, 2014

A hunky werewolf and a beautiful stranger collide in this hot new paranormal shape-shifting romance

Gray werewolf Tom Silver is determined to find the wolves who have been attacking local livestock. While tracking the pack through the Rockies, a blizzard forces him into a remote cabin where he hears a plane crash nearby. When he discovers the sole survivor is a beautiful female werewolf/ coyote shifter mix, bound as a prisoner, he knows it’s his duty to hide her.

Now, they are both at risk as a search ensues for the missing prisoner. Will Tom be able to protect this beautiful stranger while tracking down the wolves responsible for terrorizing the local livestock?

Romantic Times Magazine Review of Silence of the Wolf by Terry Spear

4 Stars

Review: The outstanding and gripping plot of Spear’s latest installment in the Heart of the Wolf series will appeal to paranormal fans, and romance junkies will take delight in the red-hot love story embedded within. Several dizzying twists and turns will keep one gasping for air, and the hero’s raw emotion is swoon-worthy. The characters’ connections are strong and secured through honest dialogue. An all-around great read from beginning to end!

Summary: Half-breed Elizabeth Wildwood never had a family to call her own. Her unusual mix of part wolf and part coyote does sit well with others and leads her into a dangerous situation. Tom Silver is determined to find who or what has been harming the livestock in his gray wolf pack’s territory, but his search is cut short when a blizzard leads him to a cabin in the Rockies to take shelter. He meets Elizabeth, who just survived a plane crash, and learns she has been taken prisoner. Now Elizabeth must avoid her captors, from whom she’s been separated—and who are still searching for her. Tom still needs to track down the assailants of Silver Town, and they both have to deal with the feelings of love they have begun to develop. Jaime A. Geraldi

Caught the moon between the US and Texas flags and thought it was just too cool. 🙂

Katz Deli 022 (640x427)

Katz Deli 011 (432x640)

Autographed books at Barnes and Noble, Woodlands, Texas!

Romance Junkies Review of Cougar’s Mate!


An action-packed tale, COUGAR’S MATE, the first book in author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE COUGAR series, is an exciting, suspense-filled contemporary romantic suspense that will keep you captivated right up to the end. The chemistry between Shannon and Chase is off the charts and the adrenaline is at an all-time high. I loved the small town dynamics with everyone pitching in to help keep Shannon safe as they try to find out who is after her and find ways to deal with her problem. Rife with suspense, action, passion, danger and romance, this story is a page-turner and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. I enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait to read the next addition to this electrifying series.


Dottie, RomanceJunkies.com

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