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Hero of a Highland Wolf–4 Stars! RT Magazine & Goodreads Giveaway!

Everyone needs one, aye?

herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)This is one of my favorite covers!

Highland hunk. Check

Wolf. Check

Kilt. Check

Highland background. Check

Wait, no castle. That’s okay. We have a Highland hunk. Check

But here’s for the great news!! It’s coming on August 7, and we have a ton of things going on. I’ve been told that we’ll have kilted Highlanders to show off on Facebook, prizes, I’ll be giving away one of my Highland bears that I make, all 4 of my Highland books to one Rafflecopter blog tour blitz winner, a Facebook party, we’ve got a Goodreads giveaway going on now…and more!

This is a red mohair bear, suede paws, one of a kind. Only made one small one like this. 🙂  I will give this away at the FB party.  $55 bear!

MacStewart Bear

Goodreads Giveaway

Romantic Times, 4 Star! HOT

When it comes to paranormal romance, readers can always depend on Spear to deliver. This 14th entry in the acclaimed Heart of the Wolf series will not lee down those rabid fans of the hairy guys who howl at the moon. Hero of a Highland Wolf is guaranteed to excite, tantalize and stimulate all of your senses. And there’s kilts! Jaime A. Geraldi

Happy reading!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


Connect with Terry Spear:



Love this Review for Jaguar Hunt from Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy

Jaguar Hunt-300 (487x800)

David Patterson serves as a top level agent for their Jaguar-shifter species. When he discovers that his case to find and return a missing jaguar connects with Tammy Anderson’s case to find a couple of missing teens, he requests to be teamed with her. Then promptly gets himself thrown in jail. Leaving Tammy to bail him out and making a darned good first impression.

The tryst factor remains an issue throughout the entire book and believe me when I say, I wasn’t sure who to believe until the very end. Well done.

A great book. I feel that with each Jaguar shifter book, I fall more and more in love. Often I find myself comparing Ms. Spear’s jaguars to Christine Feehan’s. There are marked similarities BUT there are huge differences. Ms. Spear’s manages to keep her cats playful even in the most heated of situations. Which is perfect after all, they are cats.
My advice? Check out this book, it reads well as a stand alone, BUT I suggest you read the series, in order. Now there’s a shocker *grins*



I had to laugh at the part: “Leaving Tammy to bail him out and making a darned good first impression.”

Yep. 🙂  Which just proves to her that she really doesn’t need to be working with him. 🙂 However…that soon changes.

Can you tell I’m back???

I couldn’t share this before because I was mouseless. 🙁 I am going to get 3 just to have when I’m on trips so that I NEVER, EVER have another dead mouse when I’m traveling. 🙂

Okay, really, really off to work on some of my “have to get done or else I’m in trouble” because they are all deadline projects!!!!! That are like soon deadlines. 🙂

Have a totally terrifically great Monday!


Happy Wolf Day!

Happy Wolf Day


Woohoo, I am in werewolf heaven:

Nobody does werewolf romances like Terry Spear. The romance sizzles, the plot boils, the mystery intrigues, and the characters shine.

I think this was my first introduction to Silver Town. I’ve read about some of the Silver’s in prior novels, but this was my first introduction to the Silver family and I will most definitely be searching out previous books pertaining to them. So trust me, even though this is book 13 in the Heart of the Wolf series Silence of the Wolf is most definitely a standalone novel.

Elizabeth and Tom had so much chemistry it was practically bounding off the pages. There was an easiness about their relationship that made their attraction to each other believable. And while Elizabeth may have tried to play the part of a beta, she was pure alpha which made it all the more interesting when Tom ordered her to do something.

While the romance is divine, what continuously pulls me into Spear’s romances is that mystery and adventure that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Fans of Terry Spear’s will be quick to spot cameos of past characters.

Simply brilliant. Silence of the Wolf is romantic suspense combined with paranormal goodness mixed in with a whole lot of fun. And did I happen to mention the sexy werewolves that abound with in the pages?
Royal Reviewer Angela Simmons http://theroyalreviews.blogspot.com/2014/04/silence-of-wolf-by-terry-spear.html


Okay, back to my scheduled writing. One thing I will say, when I get a review like this, I’m sooooo much more motivated to write. So thanks to everyone who shares with me how much they enjoy my books!

It does make a difference!

So I’m at 45,000 on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, working on that 50K for the week.

I’ve also been pulling grass. Why is it that grass always grows where you don’t want it to?

Do you have that problem too?




Lots of New Reviews! And Spring Flowers! And a Spring Bunny!


“Will Elaine and Cearnach find time to fall in love amid treasure hunts and attacks from the enemy?

Terry Spear’s A Highland Werewolf Wedding is sexy fun! Elaine and Cearnach are perfect for each other; both are Alphas and act like it. When they first meet it isn’t under the best of circumstances but it is impossible to miss the attraction between them—with each barb they exchange things get hotter.

The scenes between Cearnach’s mother and Elaine are great. The MacNeill’s bring tons of light humor to the story. It’s great to catch up with the family. A Highland Werewolf Wedding will leave the reader blissfully satisfied.: Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2de4304-2f5b-48ac-83e6-6ec500f112ff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


SEALwolfxmasapproved-300 (390x640)

“A SEAL Wolf Christmas starts off fast and furious in the Amazon jungle. Things heat up quickly as it’s impossible for Anna and Bjornolf to ignore the budding feelings between them. I found A SEAL Wolf Christmas to be a fun and sexy read. Ms. Spear gives us a good mystery, a heartwarming holiday tale and some serious sexy times with the couple.” Reviewed by Miranda http://sulia.com/channel/romance-novels/f/f2f0d500-c9fc-4ecc-b1aa-852009455aff/?action=prop&source=tw&form_factor=desktop


“Cougar’s Mate is a shapeshifter romance with a twist even I didn’t expect – Shannon is the cougar shift gone feral in an attempt to save her life while Chase is the cougar who shoots her. A rather humorous mixture of escapes, protectiveness and heated moments follow as Yuma Town (cougar town) join forces to try and convince Shannon that staying is in her best interests. I loved this book! Just like all the ‘wolf books that Terry Spear has written, Cougar’s Mate includes the best parts of the feral beasts these people shift into. I’m definitely looking forward to reading book two and getting to know more of the large-hearted cougar shifters!” Review by: Dominique Goodall on April 08, 2014 : star star star star star https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/413454

IMG_5674 (427x640)IMG_5676 (640x427)IMG_5680 (640x455)IMG_5684 (640x427)IMG_5692 (640x585)Cottontail bunny (2)

My daughter said I had a bird sanctuary. With the bunny coming around, I feel like Beatrix Potter. 🙂

Have a lovely middle of the week day. I’m over the hump on A SEAL Wolf for Sale, and working toward making 50,000 by the weekend.





More Bears and Books!

Campbell Clan Bear is done!
And I have 3 more orders for Australia!

 Best Friends Purple Sweater Bear


 Happy Birthday Blue Sweater Bear

 Pink Hearts Sweater Bear

And I finished Jaguar Pride!!!

In other words, I’ve written THE END!!! I love when that happens. I’m halfway done with editing it–which is the advantage of editing as I write because it’s not a totally rough draft. Some have to write the book first and then edit or they’ll get stuck editing and not writing. For me, I would be way over word count when I didn’t flesh out my scenes until after I wrote the book. 🙂

Jaguar Pride the end (640x425)

And then I’m working on 13 blogs for the blog tour for Silence of the Wolf!

Silence of the Wolf:
Book 13
(March 2014)
And because I don’t have enough to do, I started bird watching. 🙂
More on that later, because right now, I’m getting ready to work some more on Jaguar Pride edits. Hope to have it done by the weekend!
And then, it’s time to work on all those interviews and guest blogs, plus I’m making up a couple of raffle baskets for Romantic Times Convention!
Oh, and I’ve had 3 things go out on me in the past week–my microwave, computer, and now a floor heater. That’s it for a while now, right? 3 things is the max? Right?
Are you having a fun weekend?
Have a super great Saturday!!!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”