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Love this Review for Jaguar Hunt from Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales, and Fantasy

Jaguar Hunt-300 (487x800)

David Patterson serves as a top level agent for their Jaguar-shifter species. When he discovers that his case to find and return a missing jaguar connects with Tammy Anderson’s case to find a couple of missing teens, he requests to be teamed with her. Then promptly gets himself thrown in jail. Leaving Tammy to bail him out and making a darned good first impression.

The tryst factor remains an issue throughout the entire book and believe me when I say, I wasn’t sure who to believe until the very end. Well done.

A great book. I feel that with each Jaguar shifter book, I fall more and more in love. Often I find myself comparing Ms. Spear’s jaguars to Christine Feehan’s. There are marked similarities BUT there are huge differences. Ms. Spear’s manages to keep her cats playful even in the most heated of situations. Which is perfect after all, they are cats.
My advice? Check out this book, it reads well as a stand alone, BUT I suggest you read the series, in order. Now there’s a shocker *grins*



I had to laugh at the part: “Leaving Tammy to bail him out and making a darned good first impression.”

Yep. 🙂  Which just proves to her that she really doesn’t need to be working with him. 🙂 However…that soon changes.

Can you tell I’m back???

I couldn’t share this before because I was mouseless. 🙁 I am going to get 3 just to have when I’m on trips so that I NEVER, EVER have another dead mouse when I’m traveling. 🙂

Okay, really, really off to work on some of my “have to get done or else I’m in trouble” because they are all deadline projects!!!!! That are like soon deadlines. 🙂

Have a totally terrifically great Monday!