The Easter Bunny Hath Cometh

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I’ve seen at least two bunnies, one that hopped off, and the other that remained under the blooming photinia and the red cedar tree. With the snakes in my house, it was easy to see a pattern and realize the two snakes were not the same. But with bunnies, don’t they all look the same to you? How could you tell them apart?

Mysteries abound at my house–and so I had something that dug into the grass next to my cement drive. There’s a lot of cement underneath the grass there because the brick wall is perpendicular to the driveway. And there are no shrubs there so the rabbits aren’t out there. Plus with the cars driving by on the road, it would make them skittish.

It actually dug through the roots of a crepe myrtle that is growing on the other side of the brick wall.

I thought it might be a neighbor’s big dog, but I’ve never seen one around here. We do have skunks, but I’ve never seen them dig a hole in the yard. At my other house, I did find the skeleton of a wild boar in the creek down the road, but I doubt anything like that would come here. Some suggested an armadillo. I’ve never seen one here, did run into one in Oklahoma when I lived there. Scared me because he came straight at me, which made me think he was rabid. They do carry leprosy, so not interested in having them around.

So what do YOU think? Can you tell if the bunnies are all the same one or different? Can you figure out what was digging in my yard? It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it was deep.

hole dug by something (2) (640x427)hole dug by something (640x427)

Back to writing! 30,000 to go! Piece of cake! If I don’t get stuck! 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Easter Bunny Hath Cometh

  1. Most likely armadillo, I don’t live too far from you and I see lots of them, but I also have a wooded area across the road which is home to a lot of different critters. As to the one that ran toward you, I have had them do that too. I seem to remember reading somewhere that they don’t see well and depend more upon their ears and nose. Maybe that’s the reason? They root around for bugs to eat and also like to burrow a hole to sleep in. They are fantastic excavators and won’t spare your plants while searching for their dinner.

  2. Hey, thanks, Tom, then that’s probably what it was. argh. I think with them plowing around here, is probably the reason we don’t have much in the line of that kind of thing. He might have burrowed in there to sleep, too. You’re right, they don’t see well. They’re also shy, so I would have thought it would have run away, not run at me. 🙂 We had a lot of forests up around where I lived in OK where I’d lived and saw the other one at night. It’s amazing to me how they, or fire ants, can dig up this rock-hard clay soil!!! Thanks!

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