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Finding Cool Stuff without Even Looking…

2 bunnies cornfield (491x640)

You see, all I did was went out to take a picture of the cornfields. I love it when they plant corn, while it’s green. I feel like I’m in a forest or jungle, green all around, vibrant, the air is filled with fresh oxygen, I feel like I’m in Scotland, or Ireland. So my mission: Take pictures of cornfields as it stretches up to the sky. And then???

Ohmigosh, I found two bunnies that were just too cute. They are my bonus bunnies. A bonus to the picture of the cornfields. Only I sort of focused on the bunnies instead. 🙂

IMG_5996 (640x553)I was having too much fun watching them, and they didn’t flee. But I really wanted to show just how high the corn has gotten already. The plants in front of the cornstalks are wheat, what they usually plant. And then sometimes the corn.

But while I’m taking the pictures, I noticed my wrought iron needs painting. So I had one can of spray paint and worked on two of the gates. I’m going to need a LOT of spray paint, or will just need to buy a can and paint that way.

IMG_6010 (640x428)


The bunnies actually hopped across the driveway and got really close to me and it made for a terrific picture. Don’t you think?

Still waiting on readers’ notes for SEAL so I can revise and turn it in. But in the meantime, I’m working on The Highlander’s Desire. I was working on The Viking’s Highland Lass. But sometimes another story will seem to fall in place faster. I’ve worked and reworked the opening of this one so many times in between stories, and am already at 27,000 words, so I think I will work on it until I get stuck. Or, I will just write the 43,000 words + and finish it. 🙂 Which would be the best scenario.  For yesterday and today, I have written 3,000 words. That means that I can finish it in a little over 14 days.  Maybe. If I don’t have tons of other things coming in to do.

Highlander's Desire (3)

Which reminds me, I need to listen to Mage of Monrovia to approve or request changes to the audiobook. Just did so on The Winged Fae today also.

Back to writing! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


The Easter Bunny Hath Cometh

Cottontail bunny (2)close up bunny (640x364)Bunny and flowers (576x640)

I’ve seen at least two bunnies, one that hopped off, and the other that remained under the blooming photinia and the red cedar tree. With the snakes in my house, it was easy to see a pattern and realize the two snakes were not the same. But with bunnies, don’t they all look the same to you? How could you tell them apart?

Mysteries abound at my house–and so I had something that dug into the grass next to my cement drive. There’s a lot of cement underneath the grass there because the brick wall is perpendicular to the driveway. And there are no shrubs there so the rabbits aren’t out there. Plus with the cars driving by on the road, it would make them skittish.

It actually dug through the roots of a crepe myrtle that is growing on the other side of the brick wall.

I thought it might be a neighbor’s big dog, but I’ve never seen one around here. We do have skunks, but I’ve never seen them dig a hole in the yard. At my other house, I did find the skeleton of a wild boar in the creek down the road, but I doubt anything like that would come here. Some suggested an armadillo. I’ve never seen one here, did run into one in Oklahoma when I lived there. Scared me because he came straight at me, which made me think he was rabid. They do carry leprosy, so not interested in having them around.

So what do YOU think? Can you tell if the bunnies are all the same one or different? Can you figure out what was digging in my yard? It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it was deep.

hole dug by something (2) (640x427)hole dug by something (640x427)

Back to writing! 30,000 to go! Piece of cake! If I don’t get stuck! 🙂