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New is NOT Always Better!

Have you ever thought that? You get used to doing something a certain way, perfectly content with the way that you were doing it and without your permission, someone changes it??? (Oh and by the way, you had to learn this way in the first place and that took some time to figure out?)

Sometimes, the powers to be are good about it–they ASK you if you want to update. Sometimes they don’t. And they just DO it. Sometimes you think, sure, it’s new and improved right? And you soon learn it’s a nightmare to handle.

That happened on my email program. Change to this cool background. Okay, click of a button. But after that, there was no going back. My emails nested. I couldn’t write in response to emails sent to me right on the email, which really helps when I’m commenting point by point without copying and pasting their whole message to my email. Finally, there was a way to UNnest the emails so I didn’t have this problem. But there were complaints all over the boards about it. The problem is if you’re in groups where you talk about stuff, you’re supposed to trim messages. With this new and IMPROVED email version, we couldn’t do it.

Anyway, WordPress changed something for the better, and I don’t know if I agreed to it and forgot, or they just changed it, but I didn’t like it and they gave me the option to go back to the old way of doing things.

Sometimes the old way is the best way. Sometimes I can’t wrap my brain around a new way, since I’m always learning new ways to do a million different things, and I just don’t need one more new way to do something that is working well for me.

Do you ever feel that way?

hot labor day (640x427) 2

Here are some pictures of my hot Labor Day. Isn’t this beautiful?

I’m surrounded by cornfields that look like these on three sides. The one in front of me has been cut, but guess what my neighbors were doing for Labor Day. Shooting off fireworks.

Shaking head.

dragonfly, sunflower (640x427)

Why did the dragonfly have to be sitting on top of a cornstalk that was right in front of a telephone pole? I couldn’t move to take the picture because he flew off as soon as I did. But I still thought it was a cool picture, him pausing on the tip of a cornstalk. Next time maybe my model will stay put so I can move around and get a better background. Or, I can show it as just a slice of life–telephone pole and all.

scissortail and sparrows (640x427)stretch

Do you see the scissor-tail flycatcher on the lower right? The sparrows are on the upper left. I’m not usually able to capture one in a picture.

cardinal in piracantha (640x450)

Here is a cardinal in the piracantha. I was watering the new shrubs and that always makes the birds jittery, particularly since my neighbor was also shooting off firecrackers.

But what I had seen that was so cool were four sparrows clinging to the cornstalks. I wanted a picture of them. But when I ran back to get my camera and returned, they were gone. It was the first time I had seen them actually doing that. The rest of the time, I’d just see them fly off.

So instead, while I was watering, with camera in hand, I got pictures of the dragonfly, the beauty of the sky and the cornfields, the scissor-tail and the cardinal.

dove piracantha (640x526)

Oh, and a dove in the piracantha. It’s a wickedly thorny shrub, but the birds love it. Nice and protective

Well, I’m back to word count, caught up on student lessons, and I’m still keeping up on word count, behind on bears. 🙂 <3 But I did cut out two more last night. 🙂  I have 6 bears ready, just need to embroider their paws. 🙂  But that takes time too.  And somehow, I’m always running out of it.

Do you ever find that too?

Okay, back to writing!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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FLowers of Summer in Hot, Hot Texas

tiny red rose, clarity copy (640x427)

Because of the heat of summer, it’s difficult to find any flowers other than a few last sunflowers and the crepe myrtles love the heat so they’re in full bloom. But here is a tiny red rose blossom.

Last of the Sunflowers (640x427)

Last of the sunflowers of summer.

sunflower late bloomer (2) (640x427)

A late bloomer.

sunflowers among the cornstalks (640x427)

A sunflower among the cornstalks.

red crepe myrtle (3) (640x427)

Red crepe myrtle

pink crepe myrtle (640x565)

pink crepe myrtle

watermelon crepe myrtle (640x427)

watermelon crepe myrtle

So see, even with all the heat, the world is still a beautiful place to be.


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Just finished proofing Jaguar Pride copyedits. I’ll have one more proof and that’s it!

Jaguar Pride (Book 4)

Coming Feb, 2015


And I have student lessons stacking up again ( calculated it and if I don’t do any additional critiques, which I have already done, I’ll have a total of 204 critiques to do), and I need to make word count on A Silver Wolf Christmas. Getting 3,000 words done a day, and have been fortunate to keep making it. It’s easy to get stuck. Especially when you’re jumping from the snowy Christmas story with wolves to the jungles of Costa Rica and the jaguars. And I just submitted a proposal for 3 more books. So we shall see if my publisher wants any more! 🙂 <3

Titles will probably change, but: Jaguar Jingle Bells, A SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, and She-Wolf (another Silver wolf pack story) If they get picked out, they will be coming in 2016. I’m already “booked” for 2015 with releases in Feb: Jaguar Pride, April: SEAL Wolf for Sale, Oct: A Silver Wolf Christmas

And of course more Highland medievals and fae stories, and more. 🙂 <3

Oh, yes, and bears. Worked on 3 last night. Not finished, but getting closer….

Hope you are having a great Thursday!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Painting between Storms!

Please vote and have a chance to win too, if you haven’t already.

As of last night when I pre-posted this, The Dark Fae was in the lead, which is incredible! Considering where she began. She might not be there by the end of the contest, and I was ready for it to end when I was ahead, but isn’t that always the way???

So if you haven’t had a chance and want to, she’d still love the votes! Because between now and May 31 when it ends, anything could happen. You know how it is, you’re way behind in a game, and all of a sudden you think you’re going to win and somebody else out of the blue does??? If you’re the person out of the blue, that’s a good thing.




I thought I had taken a picture of the wrought iron I had painted too, but apparently not. So here is the before, and the clouds that prevented me from doing much else, then went out again later. I’ll have to take another picture of the wrought iron I did paint for the after picture. But I’m afraid the ALL after will take a long time. I have to do it between violent winds and rainstorms. 🙂 Then it will get too hot and… aren’t I good at making excuses? But I am using about 3 cans a day, so I am getting somewhere with it. I realized I have miniscule black freckles today. So much for the wind going in the right direction.

I love the wrought iron. It makes me feel as though I’m truly within my castle walls. 🙂

clouds (640x427)
The storm clouds, the corn, the wrought iron I’m painting.

IMG_6034 (640x386)

Reflections of the tops of the corn stalks, pine tree, and red oak tree in the rainwater.

IMG_6036 (640x427)

The unpainted wrought iron, part of my castle defenses. Note, the wheat from last year’s crop and then the corn.

hole in clouds (640x427)

There’s something cool about holes in clouds. 🙂

IMG_6043 (640x427) (2)

It should be illegal to have electric wires above ground. You know, because of the fact that the best shots are always right where the darn electric wires are.

And that’s my stormy day.

Off to write. For the first time, I was able to get my 3,000 word count yesterday, AND a little ahead. Not much, but writing a little ahead, makes me…a little ahead. 🙂

Have a terrific Thursday!!!

Have a great day!

And thanks again to everyone who voted. It’s amazing to me that I moved up to the top. It doesn’t usually happen. I usually make a little headway and fall right back down. So thank you, thank you to all who voted!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


Finding Cool Stuff without Even Looking…

2 bunnies cornfield (491x640)

You see, all I did was went out to take a picture of the cornfields. I love it when they plant corn, while it’s green. I feel like I’m in a forest or jungle, green all around, vibrant, the air is filled with fresh oxygen, I feel like I’m in Scotland, or Ireland. So my mission: Take pictures of cornfields as it stretches up to the sky. And then???

Ohmigosh, I found two bunnies that were just too cute. They are my bonus bunnies. A bonus to the picture of the cornfields. Only I sort of focused on the bunnies instead. 🙂

IMG_5996 (640x553)I was having too much fun watching them, and they didn’t flee. But I really wanted to show just how high the corn has gotten already. The plants in front of the cornstalks are wheat, what they usually plant. And then sometimes the corn.

But while I’m taking the pictures, I noticed my wrought iron needs painting. So I had one can of spray paint and worked on two of the gates. I’m going to need a LOT of spray paint, or will just need to buy a can and paint that way.

IMG_6010 (640x428)


The bunnies actually hopped across the driveway and got really close to me and it made for a terrific picture. Don’t you think?

Still waiting on readers’ notes for SEAL so I can revise and turn it in. But in the meantime, I’m working on The Highlander’s Desire. I was working on The Viking’s Highland Lass. But sometimes another story will seem to fall in place faster. I’ve worked and reworked the opening of this one so many times in between stories, and am already at 27,000 words, so I think I will work on it until I get stuck. Or, I will just write the 43,000 words + and finish it. 🙂 Which would be the best scenario.  For yesterday and today, I have written 3,000 words. That means that I can finish it in a little over 14 days.  Maybe. If I don’t have tons of other things coming in to do.

Highlander's Desire (3)

Which reminds me, I need to listen to Mage of Monrovia to approve or request changes to the audiobook. Just did so on The Winged Fae today also.

Back to writing! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”