Painting between Storms!

Please vote and have a chance to win too, if you haven’t already.

As of last night when I pre-posted this, The Dark Fae was in the lead, which is incredible! Considering where she began. She might not be there by the end of the contest, and I was ready for it to end when I was ahead, but isn’t that always the way???

So if you haven’t had a chance and want to, she’d still love the votes! Because between now and May 31 when it ends, anything could happen. You know how it is, you’re way behind in a game, and all of a sudden you think you’re going to win and somebody else out of the blue does??? If you’re the person out of the blue, that’s a good thing.



I thought I had taken a picture of the wrought iron I had painted too, but apparently not. So here is the before, and the clouds that prevented me from doing much else, then went out again later. I’ll have to take another picture of the wrought iron I did paint for the after picture. But I’m afraid the ALL after will take a long time. I have to do it between violent winds and rainstorms. 🙂 Then it will get too hot and… aren’t I good at making excuses? But I am using about 3 cans a day, so I am getting somewhere with it. I realized I have miniscule black freckles today. So much for the wind going in the right direction.

I love the wrought iron. It makes me feel as though I’m truly within my castle walls. 🙂

clouds (640x427)
The storm clouds, the corn, the wrought iron I’m painting.

IMG_6034 (640x386)

Reflections of the tops of the corn stalks, pine tree, and red oak tree in the rainwater.

IMG_6036 (640x427)

The unpainted wrought iron, part of my castle defenses. Note, the wheat from last year’s crop and then the corn.

hole in clouds (640x427)

There’s something cool about holes in clouds. 🙂

IMG_6043 (640x427) (2)

It should be illegal to have electric wires above ground. You know, because of the fact that the best shots are always right where the darn electric wires are.

And that’s my stormy day.

Off to write. For the first time, I was able to get my 3,000 word count yesterday, AND a little ahead. Not much, but writing a little ahead, makes me…a little ahead. 🙂

Have a terrific Thursday!!!

Have a great day!

And thanks again to everyone who voted. It’s amazing to me that I moved up to the top. It doesn’t usually happen. I usually make a little headway and fall right back down. So thank you, thank you to all who voted!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

2 thoughts on “Painting between Storms!

  1. Woo who! your kicking some major butt.
    I still really love the cover of Dark Fae.
    I hope you get your painting done.

    • Working on it! This morning the wind was down to 8 mph, so I did a little painting. But it’s supposed to be higher later and all week. Even at that speed, it’s hard to paint as the spray goes everywhere. I love The Dark Fae. That cover helped to make it a bestseller for weeks. I found another one for after The Phantom Fae. Not sure what to call it yet. 🙂 But I love it too! 🙂

      Oh, I had to answer a couple of questions for USA Today and discovered something I had not known, though I had researched this before and came up with a different answer. But did you know that a mastiff has the strongest bite of the canines? I had read where wolves did. But the mastiff actually beats out the wolf, and the wolf beats out all other canines. 🙂 But the one with the strongest bite? The jaguar. Now I knew it had a stronger bite than any of the big cats, even the biggest cat which is the lion, but stronger than a great white shark? Just don’t let one bite you!! 🙂

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