Lion? Cougar? Jaguar? Bronze Sculptures, Austin

lion (640x427)

Bronze sculpture, Austin

lion front view (427x640)

I think it’s a lion. But right now I’m working on Jaguar Pride so I’m going to pretend it’s Huntley as a black jaguar. Halfway through rereading it and should have it done today.

I love having a cover for it. It makes it easier for me to visualize when I’m writing. 🙂


I actually did my million errands yesterday–spent 2 1/2 hours running them, and then saw Maleficent. I thought it was pretty good for being a remake of a fairytale. Though if everyone keeps retelling the stories as though there is no romance, it will become as predictable as the old fairytales.

Jaguar Cubs

I actually was using the difference to describe them in Jaguar Pride, but the two JAG agents end up being saddled with a couple of jaguar cubs while on a mission.

Okay, back to my own mission–finish reading Jaguar Pride, because the books are stacking up!

Have a terrific hump day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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4 thoughts on “Lion? Cougar? Jaguar? Bronze Sculptures, Austin

  1. The only difference I could ascertain is in the spots on the noses between the eyes of the cubs. The cub on the right has more spots and they are lower down the nose than the spots on the cub on the left. Oh, I also noticed that the cub on the right has forehead spots in a pattern that looks like a stripe. Right or wrong?

    • Good job, Janice. 🙂 I ended up saying the one with the spot formation in more of a circle was a halo. 🙂 But yeah, you did good. 🙂

      • I like the halo, though, Terry. 🙂 I’ll see your reference when I’m finally able to read Jag Hunter.

  2. Thanks, Janice. Actually, it will be in Jaguar Pride. That’s the book where they’re taking care of cubs. 🙂 It’ll be released in Feb. 🙂

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