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Lion? Cougar? Jaguar? Bronze Sculptures, Austin

lion (640x427)

Bronze sculpture, Austin

lion front view (427x640)

I think it’s a lion. But right now I’m working on Jaguar Pride so I’m going to pretend it’s Huntley as a black jaguar. Halfway through rereading it and should have it done today.

I love having a cover for it. It makes it easier for me to visualize when I’m writing. 🙂


I actually did my million errands yesterday–spent 2 1/2 hours running them, and then saw Maleficent. I thought it was pretty good for being a remake of a fairytale. Though if everyone keeps retelling the stories as though there is no romance, it will become as predictable as the old fairytales.

Jaguar Cubs

I actually was using the difference to describe them in Jaguar Pride, but the two JAG agents end up being saddled with a couple of jaguar cubs while on a mission.

Okay, back to my own mission–finish reading Jaguar Pride, because the books are stacking up!

Have a terrific hump day!


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