Happy Independence Day!

As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I was surprised when I my troop didn’t know the meaning of the 4th of July. So we did a study unit on what it was all about.

Then years later when my son was in college, taking a first year American history class, the teacher was mentioning Independence Day and one girl raised her hand and said, “Cool that it happened on a holiday.”

This was foooor real. Really. Truly. Real.

I would have felt sorry for her had I been there, except that it’s really sad. Really. Seriously. What are we teaching our kids anyway?

Okay, so it’s also really, really funny. Too.

Hey, I don’t need to make up stories. It’s all just…out there.


Back to writing! What? You think I’m off to celebrate??

I am, when I write. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. When I was a teacher I had a student teacher who was helping one of my 5th grade students with some geography work. All of a sudden I overhear her say “Hey, I always thought Washington, D.C. was in the state Washington!” True story…she was serious. SMH

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